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DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party

DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party

A few weeks ago my son wanted a Minecraft birthday party. He helped me plan a lot of the food and activities but I knew I wanted a few surprises for him. One evening I made a simple DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party. It was pretty straightforward but I thought I would share it here on my blog.

DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party

If you have a child that loves Minecraft then you probably know that everything is kind of block shaped. Ghasts are hostile, Nether dwelling Mobs that float around and shoot explosive fireballs. Ghasts are cube shaped with 9 large tentacles hanging beneath them, and their main body is an exact 4×4×4 block cube.

To make our own Ghast pinata I found a square cardboard box and bought white and grey tissue paper to cover it. The first thing I did was to fill the cardboard box with lots of individually wrapped sweets.

DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party

On top of the sweets I added a bag of packing peanuts just for fun. Then I taped up the box, making sure to not cover it too tightly – I wanted to make sure it would rip open when struck with a stick.

I turned the box over so the taped side was underneath. I cut two small holes in the top of the box and threaded string through the holes so the ghast pinata could be hung up.

making a Minecraft pinata

The next stage was to cover the cardboard box with white tissue paper on every side. I added a few pieces of grey tissue paper to make it look more ghast like, and added pieces of black card for the eyes and mouth.

Finally, I added strips of tissue paper to the bottom of the pinata to look like tentacles. My son’s birthday was quite a windy day. When we hung the ghast pinata up on the washing line it looked really good with the tentacles blowing in the wind.

diy ghast pinata for a minecraft party

We gave my son a large cardboard tube, tied a scarf around his head, and let him try and find the ghast pinata. All his friends had a go at hitting it and eventually they managed to rip it open and all the sweets fell out.

hitting a pinata

I loved making our DIY Ghast pinata for a Minecraft birthday party. It was quick to make but was great fun to watch it being played with.

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