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DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets for Teens

DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets for Teens

The summer holidays have started for us! We have so many plans of things we want to do over the summer months. We’re looking forward to sharing some of the crafts and activities we get up to. We thought we’d start with our DIY braided friendship bracelet tutorial because it’s such a fun activity for tweens and teens. I loved making them when I was younger and was excited to share them with my daughter. First of all you will need to gather supplies.

DIY braided friendship bracelet supplies:

Embroidery Floss

DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets for Teens

How to make a DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets for Teens

First of all choose 3 co-ordinating colours of embroidery thread or floss for your bracelet. We chose blue, white and purple but any combination would work.

Cut 12 inch lengths from embroidery floss – 1 of each colour for a thin bracelet, 2 of each colour for a bit thicker of a bracelet, 3 of each colour for thicker, and so on.

Line one end of each of the strands up, then make a loop, and a knot.

DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets

Make sure you leave about 1.5 – 2 inches of embroidery floss above the knot for tying later on.

Using a piece of tape, secure the embroidery floss above the knot to your work surface.

Divide your embroidery floss into 3 strands of colours. For instance: if you have 2 strands of each colour, each of your strands should have 2 lengths of embroidery floss.

Arrange your strands: One colour on the left, one colour in the middle, one colour on the right.

Start to braid your strands. Start by moving the left strand over the middle strand (which now the left becomes the middle).

Then the right strand over the middle (which now the right becomes the middle).

Then back to the left strand over the middle.

The right strand over the middle.

Continue this process until you have your desired length. Most children aged between 5-12 will need a length about 5.75 – 7 inches, and most adults will range from 6.5 – 8.5 inches.

Just keep going …

And watch the braid come together. When you’ve reached your desired length make a loop.

Then make a knot at the end of your braided bracelet.

You can trim away any excess embroidery floss.

Make sure you leave about 1.5 – 2 inches under the knot for tying the bracelet on your wrist.

To wear the bracelet, place it on your wrist, and tie the two ends together in a knot.

easy braided embroidery thread bracelet tutorial

This is such a fun craft and one I made many times when I was at school. We used to make them in all sorts of colours and they make a fun handmade gift for a friend. You can also attach them to a bag with a split ring.

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