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Dixit Board Game {review}

Dixit Board Game

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with Asmodee and will be featuring some amazing board games over the next few months as part of their Blogger Board Game Club. We review quite a lot of toys and games on our blog which is great for my 6 and 8 year old. We try to play a board game every Friday night and so can’t wait to share more about the new board games we have been sent. First up is the modern classic, Dixit.

Dixit Board Game review

I had never heard of Dixit before we received it. Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, in which your imagination unlocks the tale! In this multi award-winning board game, players take turns to become storytellers describing a picture card from their hand in a quick statement. Each remaining player then secretly proposes a rival picture card to throw the other players off their game when they vote for the card they believe was yours.

Dixit game

Dixit can be played by 3 to 6 players and it’s recommended for ages 8 and over and retails at £29.99. We’ve played it a few times now and it’s a lot of fun although completely different to anything we’ve ever played before. I liked the story telling element although I think it might be a while before my 6 and 8 year olds fully understand how to play it a little more tactfully!

Dixit game

Your stories must be tactfully ambiguous so as to reveal your card to only some of the other players – if none or all of the players guess correct, no points are scored!

This is a fun story telling game which is great for encouraging your kids to think creatively. It takes around 30 minutes to play. We really loved the concept, the artwork and trying to bluff each other.

Dixit is available from Amazon and all good toy shops.


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    September 9, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    This sounds like quite a good game and a lot more interesting than the ones we had such as Guess Who!

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    September 9, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Oh wow this sounds like so much fun and I love the idea of incorporating stories and imagination into a board game!

    Laura x

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