Decorating for Christmas with Dunelm Mill

Last week we popped into our local Dunelm Mill to get some inspiration for our Christmas decorations. My Facebook timeline has been full of friends putting up their trees and decorations and it feels as though we’re in the minority as we haven’t put anything up yet – except for our Advent calendars and candles.

We’re undecided about buying a real or fake tree so went looking for decorations as we know our colour scheme will be red and white this year. They had a brilliant range of festive bedding, tableware and decorations so there was plenty of choice. Little Sis came too and was happy to add her opinion.


tree decoratingWe found two mini fake trees which we thought would look great in the children’s rooms.  My son is so excited about Christmas and I knew he’d love his own tree. There was a range of Christmas decorations but we picked the red and white ones to fit in with our colour scheme. We ended up with a box of 4 wooden birdhouse decorations in red, 12 mini glass baubles in red and 8 tartan hanging decorations for each tree.

We decorated them after my son finished nursery and then placed them up high so there was no danger of them playing with the baubles and breaking them.

upcycled sugar shaker

There were quite a few baubles left over so I placed them in a vintage glass sugar shaker I picked up recently. They look great on the mantlepiece as the different textures reflect the candlelight. Next to this is the very sweet tealight cottage which I couldn’t resist, as well as a gold, frankincense and myrrh fragranced reed diffuser which really makes our living room smell festive 🙂

tea light house

As we’re having family over for Christmas we also picked up a festive printed coir mat and a couple of festive hand towels for our guest loo!

We were pretty pleased with our haul which came in at just over £50. Pretty good value I think you’ll agree and our house looks pretty and festive too. I’ll be posting more pictures on my Instagram feed so don’t forget to follow me if you want to see them!

Disclosure – I was given a gift card towards the cost of my purchases to take part in the Dunelm Christmas Blogger Challenge



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