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Day Zero – Month 21 (June)

On the 19 September 2010 I started a Day Zero list: a place to record your goals, discover new challenges, and gain motivation to achieve them. I have a list of 100 things I want to do over 1001 days. The list is due to be competed by 16 June 2013.

I’ve started writing my Day Zero updates every other month as my progress seems to be slowing down somewhat.

39. See Keane play live

I was really lucky to get tickets to see Keane play live at the o2 Academy in Brixton. I love Keane and they’re the only band I’ve seen perform live 6 times! My sister came with me and we felt quite young when we got to the venue which was a surprise. There was a great atmosphere and I loved every single song, it’s not often I get to sing at the top of my voice any more!

Keane at Brixton

Excuse the rubbish photo which I took on my iPhone. We were sitting upstairs in the circle but notice the two people standing on the right. What were they thinking!? Paying for a seat then standing as soon as Keane started singing. They quickly got told to sit down by the people behind them which really made us laugh. We’ve become old!

93. Make an iPhone case

I embroidered a cross stitch iPhone case – does that count? I’ve been having problems with my iPhone for months and finally got a replacement last weekend.  I’m determined to keep this one spotless so the case has been really useful, although it doesn’t stop the toddler getting his sticky fingers on it when he’s watching YouTube.

97. Take part in Dress a girl around the world

I’ve seen this is blogland for years and really wanted to take part. I finally tracked down a pretty vintage pillowcase whilst we were on holiday and made one.

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