Day Zero

Day Zero – Month 25 (October)

Woo hoo! Time for another update… On the 19 September 2010 I started a Day Zero list: a place to record goals, discover new challenges, and gain motivation to achieve them. I made a list of 100 things I want to do over 1001 days. The list is due to be competed by 16 June 2013.

9.     Lose baby weight

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking part in the BritMums challenge to lose weight with WeightWatchers ProPoints. I have to admit it’s not going brilliantly but I’m enjoying trying lots of new recipes.

50.  Join the WI!

I’ve always wanted to join the WI, make local friends and learn new skills. Who knew there were two WI groups on my door step? I haven’t been brave enough to actually attend a meeting yet but at least I know where and when they do meet. Perhaps I won’t tick this action off just yet.

57.   Go on a creative course

I won a place on a creative writing course called Writing Memoir & Family History run by Exeter University. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be on this course as I really want to improve my writing skills and the way I write on this blog, and my other two blogs! I’ve always been passionate about family history and it’s been really interesting and enlightening so far, although I’m finding it a real struggle to fit in the work.

93.  Make a cross-stitched iPhone case

I think I got to use my Orla Kiely inspired cross stitched case for a couple of days before my new iPhone 5 arrived. Little Sis dropped my old iPhone and the screen cracked so I was really lucky my husband treated me to an upgrade. Must look for pretty iPhone 5 cases as the one I’m currently using is practical rather than pretty.


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