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Conservation Crisis {board game review}

Conservation Crisis from Tunza Games

How are the school holidays treating you? With our normal kids clubs cancelled we are spending a lot of time at home or the local play park. The weather has been kind to us which helps and we are having fun playing with all our toys and games. We’re always happy to receive something new though and recently received a copy of Conservation Crisis by Tunza Games to enjoy at home. Pop on over to this post for your chance to win the game!

Conservation Crisis from Tunza Games

I liked the sound of Conservation Crisis because it is based on the real-life issues and obstacles faced by conservationists. Both the children learn about these issues at school but I thought the game sounded like a great way to learn more about the issues.

The Challenge:

To take control of a wildlife reserve in crisis and save an endangered species!

You have $100,000 of funding per round and have to choose which projects to build and staff to hire to rebuild your reserve and keep your wildlife safe.

The more you play, the more of a conservation expert you will become.

The 3 Rules:

Spend all your donor funding each round to receive more – just like in real life, you need to spend it all to get more.

​Keep  an emergency Crisis Fund for unforeseen costs and losses of revenue – but only up to a maximum of $100,000.

There is a checkpoint run by the poachers – choose to wait two turns or pay them a ‘bribe’ to go straight through (but remember bribes have consequences, as you’ll see if you pay one!)

Conservation Crisis from Tunza Games

The board was easy to set up, we each chose a character animal and were given some money to set up our wildlife reserve. With children aged 8 and 10 our board games need to be challenging and we found this to be a fun strategic game. You work your way around the board choosing which projects to build and which staff to hire to rebuild their reserve and keep their wildlife safe. You can hire vets to ward off disease; train rangers to protect wildlife from the poachers roaming the area; or build tourist lodges to generate more revenue for your reserve.

Conservation Crisis from Tunza Games

You also need to manage your funds and ensure there is still cash in their Crisis Fund pot for the emergencies that crop up to catch you out throughout the game. It’s a great way to learn a little of what goes on with a wildlife reserve. It was simple enough to play that it was easy for us all to pick up and play straight away. I like the fact that the more often you play, the more strategic you can be, which means it’s a great game for my children! The Event and Community & Staff Meeting cards throw a few curveballs which keeps the game interesting.

Conservation Crisis board game

As well as learning more about wildlife conservation, £2 of every sale goes towards funding conservation projects run by four key partner charities to help protect wildlife around the world. By playing Conservation Crisis, players are saving life in the game and in real life too!

Conservation Crisis game

Conservation Crisis is perfect for children aged 7 and over. You can play with 2 people or up to 4 teams. It costs £29.99 with a share of each sale going to fund conservation projects run by partner charities to help protect wildlife around the world. You can purchase Conservation Crisis from their website or Amazon (affiliate link).

Disclosure – we were gifted a copy of this game.


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    Kristine Nicole Alessandra
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    This looks like a nice game for families to enjoy. My kids are all grown, but we do have game nights on occasion. I think this board game will give us lots of fun. Thanks for the review.

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    I like the look of this game. Looks really fun for children and families to enjoy very much.

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