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Four of the Best Flooring Ideas for Family Homes

Are you looking for ways to make your family home more beautiful and lovable? Is this the case even after you have done a home renovation where you have replaced appliances and furniture? Are you not able to locate the reason why you can’t seem to get the look you want? The reason may actually be under your very feet. In other words, your home’s flooring might be the answer to your having the home you have dreamed about.

Four of the Best Flooring Ideas for Family Homes

Flooring is too often overlooked as an important design element when remodelling or building a home. It is also often an element whose budget gets cut if there is a cost overrun somewhere. The resulting compromise can lead to an incomplete or unfinished look that undermines your vision. So if you want to make sure that you get the look you want and deserve, focus on making great flooring choices. Here are four of the best flooring ideas for family homes.

Hardwood flooring

Many argue that hardwood flooring is the best flooring option for a home. The tough and beautiful woods used for flooring come in a large range of colours and styles and will stay beautiful for years. They are easy to clean and can be swept or vacuumed easily. Hardwood floors enhance any room and will bring an air of opulence to your home.

Although the pricing of hardwood flooring has decreased because of its popularity, it still remains one of the most expensive flooring options. Expect to pay upwards of  £62 per square meter and to pay a premium to have them installed. Hardwood flooring is low maintenance, but the wood must be maintained professionally to look its best, which will require hiring a professional service to polish and condition the wood periodically. Finally, you must be careful with water on hardwood flooring. It can be given a water-resistant finish but it is prone to staining and will warp if it gets too wet.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring looks like hardwood and in many cases cannot be easily distinguished from its more expensive cousin. Its advantages over hardwood however is its lower cost that is often 1/10 of the price of hardwood. It is even easier to clean, more durable and will not scratch like hardwood. It can be purchased in water-resistant varieties. It can also be purchased in the widest varieties of styles and in colours that are not naturally occurring, leaving you with more flooring colour options. This makes laminate flooring suitable for more rooms in the home, including the bathroom. It also has advantages over carpet because it is more hygienic and does not collect dust or other allergy inducers. Because of its durability, it can be used in high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms.

The best thing about laminate flooring is that it is so widely available. I can highly recommend it as a sturdy and beautiful floor covering because I bought some myself online from Laminate flooring has fewer downsides other than that it can still be ruined if a large amount of standing water sits on top of it for a long period. If this occurs, there is a chance that it will have to be replaced.


Tile flooring is very popular in many rooms and areas of a home and can reach a price of £62 per square meter for the highest priced styles. Tile does can be purchased in a range of prices however and can be purchased for not much more than laminate and still look great. Tile comes in a wide variety of materials including granite, porcelain, travertine, slate, and marble. Many homeowners pick glazed ceramic tiles because of their durability and scratch resistance. Tile also is waterproof and easy to clean. Most tiles are very hard to stain no matter what spills on them. You can also order most tiles in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Tiles can be used in the bathroom and kitchen and high traffic areas because of their stain and water resistance and durability.

The downsides of tile are that they can break or chip, particularly if not laid properly or if something heavy falls on them. They can be cold during the winter months. Some homeowners opt for expensive under-tile heating systems. Most tiles require grout which can also become dirty often if the group is light it can require lots of cleaning.


Carpet comes in a variety of qualities leading to a wide range of pricing, but it can generally be purchased for between £5 per square meter to upwards of £30 per square meter. You can also find great deals for installing your carpet making it perhaps the cheapest flooring to install. Carpet can add a feel of quality and elegance to rooms and hallways and can complement furniture and wall colours easily. It can also be installed on top of uneven floors. It is a good flooring choice for a number of low traffic rooms in your home, with the bedroom and living room being the leading areas.

Today, carpet technology has improved carpet’s ability to be stain resistant, but carpeting is still too easy to stain compared with other flooring choices. Carpet requires vacuuming often, and will retain dirt and dust often troubling those with allergies. The deepest carpet cleaning is steam cleaning which is long, and best done by professionals.

All in all, laminate offers the best prices and durability for a floor covering and likely the best options in your home, but you should make your choice based on your individual tastes and style.

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