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Are my children normal?

Now I’m the proud mother of two children it seems strange looking back to the time I wasn’t pregnant or a parent. I don’t think I used to be quite so addicted to my laptop(!) but I remember when I still worked and was pregnant a colleague recommended some websites to look at. These included the┬áBounty pregnancy tracker and sites to meet other pregnant women. I quickly signed myself up to receive emails and became inundated with information. It’s so each to feel overwhelmed and it took a while to find out what I really needed.

I wish there was something similar for 12 months plus! I always understood the pregnancy and baby bit but toddlers are a different world. I love that my children need me but they really should come with a manual. The things I am currently finding difficult are:




Where shall I start?

The 12 month old just doesn’t want to eat. We’ve started giving her a bowl and spoon and letting her feed herself. She seems to eat more than usual which is fantastic but oh my goodness – the mess. My washing basket is already over flowing so I might have to invest in some long sleeved bibs and plastic sheeting.

messy baby eating dinner

The other problem is sleeping. She will only go to sleep when she’s cuddled to sleep and her brother has developed a fear of his own room. I’m glad I have someone to share the bedtime routine as my husband takes the toddler and I take the 12 month old. They used to go to bed so easily and now it’s turned into a real nightmare.

I’m not sure why the toddler seems to have an irrational fear of his room. It’s not so long ago since we tried to make his room nicer, he already has a night light and we have to leave the main light on for him. The past couple of nights we’ve also had to leave his door ajar. It’s not pleasant seeing him so upset, especially when he’s so tired, so hopefully it’s just another phase he’s going through.

This is why I need to find developmental emails about toddlers. Someone sign me up – please!

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    December 2, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Im so sorry but I also don’t know such places/websites. When this happened to me (i.e: I had no freakin idea what to do) I would call my mum/my sister/my sisters-in-law…It worked for me as they know my little ones, they know me and they’ve all been there at one point in their lives. And that’s why it was easier for me to trust them. I really do hope you find a way to take control over the sleeping and eating problems very soon!

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