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Advent candle wreath craft for kids

Advent candle wreath craft for kids to make

We have a strict no-Christmas rule in our house in November. My daughter celebrates her birthday at the end of the month and we try not to do any Christmassy things before the end of the month. This doesn’t stop me planning but it makes sure we all focus on her and her birthday. This year we slipped a quick and easy Advent craft in over the weekend whilst she was out šŸ™‚

Equipment to make an Advent candle wreath craft for kids

Cardboard tube
Shiny craft paper
Bostik White Glu
Embroidery hoop
Pipe cleaners and ribbons
Red craft foam

Advent candle wreath craft for kids

Advent candle wreath craft for kids

My 7 year old really enjoyed helping me with this craft activity. He chose a selection of shiny craft papers and cut them to fit a small cardboard tube, using Bostik White Glu to hold the paper in place.He did this four times so we would have a candle for each of the Sundays in Advent.

advent candle wreath craft

We added flames by cutting shapes from the red craft foam. We used more Bostik White Glu to keep hte fmaes in places.

We wanted to make something to keep our advent candles together so wrapped an embroidery frame with ribbons and pipe cleaners.

advent craft for kids

It was the perfect size for holding the four candles.

advent candle wreath craft

We were provided with some of the craft materials for this craft as we are Bostik Family Craft Bloggers.


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    November 21, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    How cool!! Iā€™m no good at making things like that but this seems pretty simple! Thanks for sharing!

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