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5 favourite gifts ideas for every occasion

5 favourite gifts ideas for every occasion

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The first part of the year is a busy time for us with lots of birthdays and special days. It doesn’t feel as though we have time to enjoy the cards we receive before it’s time to take them down and put different ones up. in the space of a few weeks we celebrate three birthdays, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter! It’s a crazy few weeks so I’ve been on the lookout for some really special and personalised gifts this year to make it more special when we can’t see the ones we love.

I thought I would share my 5 favourite gift ideas to celebrate a special day or occasion.

5 favourite gifts ideas for every occasion

Canvas prints

Life with 2 children is very busy. Although the last 12 months have been pretty hard for everyone, I would like to think that we have still tried to have our family adventures. We have been keeping a family journal which has helped us reflect on the good times and we have included special photos, receipts or things which made us laugh. We have taken some lovely photos of the children out in the fresh air which would look great reproduced as canvas prints for family.

Iced biscuits

We all love baking and decorating biscuits. Who doesn’t love a pretty iced treat as their Elevenses? I love looking for special themed biscuits and sent my mum a really fun iced Mr Darcy biscuit for Valentine’s Day as she loves all things Jane Austen. The boxes usually fit through the letter box and make the perfect sweet treat gift for any occasion.

Handmade gifts

I set up this craft blog to show off my makes a few years ago. I’ve always enjoyed making things by hand since my Nan introduced me to sewing when I was little. Over the years my sewing skills  have improved and I haven’t looked back from the first quilt I made and gifted in 1994!

Fabric tissue holder tutorial

Since then I’ve made all kinds of handmade gifts for family and friends from blankets to tissue holders and fabric envelopes.  I’ve also embraced paper cutting and I included a little black cat in my son’s birthday card this week. I find it so satisfying to sit and craft and I love making useful things for my family.

Kid-made gifts

It was always going to happen that my children inherited my creativity. I’ve encouraged them to create their own gifts and they love to make their own cards too. My 9 year old is very fond of leaving us all little notes on our pillows for us to discover when we go to bed.

I think it’s good to put thought and effort into gifts (although I have also been known to panic buy if lacking in time!). I want my children to be mindful of the gifts they receive and give. We recently purchased a 3D printer and my children love to use the this to make their own gifts. As much as I love anything they give me I have to admit that I cherish the pictures made with their own hand prints when they were little.

Afternoon tea

Over the last year we have really missed eating out with family and friends. We usually treat ourselves to a takeaway at the weekend and recently discovered a gorgeous patisserie which delivers afternoon tea in our local area. We have booked a couple of deliveries to enjoy afternoon tea when we all needed cheering up and it certainly works for us. Afternoon tea is not something that I usually have the time to put together and it’s amazing how good food made by someone else tastes.

afternoon tea from Patisserie Brione

I hope I have given you some fun gift ideas to celebrate any special day or occasions you have coming up.

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