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Mini Robot treasure boxes

Mini Robot treasure boxes

I love an easy after school craft activity to help my kids wind down. My 8 year old loves robots. He’s been drawing quite a few of them recently so we tried making them into 3D robots using some of our craft supplies. They turned out really well so I thought I’d share them.

Mini Robot treasure box supplies:
Craft matchboxes
Silver paper
Bostik Glu Dots
Googly eyes
Black straws

How to craft Mini Robot treasure boxes

My son loves a little box to keep his treasures in so I found some empty craft matchboxes to use as the base of his mini robot creations.

Mini Robot treasure boxes

I helped him cover the boxes with shiny metallic paper, using Bostik Glu Dots to keep the paper in place.

Mini Robot treasure boxes

He chose some patterned paper which we cut to fit inside each box.

robot craft box for kids

My 8 year old decorated each box with a selection of foam shapes and patterned paper. We added googly eyes, applying them with more Glu Dots. Finally, I cut small holes in the top of each box to add antennas for each little robot character.

mini robot craft for kids to make

My son was really pleased with his robot craft and loved the end result. The little matchbox robots are the perfect size to keep his coins or lego pieces. Robots are fun all year round but you could give these a little Halloween twist with some pointy teeth or blood red eyes.

Disclosure Рwe were received some of these craft supplies as Bostik Bloggers. 

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