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So Glow DIY Light Up Magic Glow Jars review

So Glow DIY Collectable Range Light Up Magic Glow Jars

We love a creative toy so were excited to hear about the new So Glow DIY range from Canal Toys. Simple and mess free, this range of DIY kits enables children to create and customise their own Light Up Magic Glow Jars. Each set in the range is simple to use, comes with everything needed and includes a must-have collectable character.

So Glow DIY sets offer a fabulous range of colourful themed jars to customise, decorate and keep.  You can choose from, cool colour themes; turquoise ‘Chill’, purple ‘Cosmic’ and blue ‘Dream’ and warm colour themes: yellow ‘Happy’, green ‘Harmony’ and pink ‘Love’– designed to match every mood!

So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio

The children have been very tired when I picked them up from school so I was pleased that we were sent the So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio to review. The set is very visually appealing and I liked the fact that everything was included (except water!). We opened it up to see what was inside. There was a large So Glow Studio which we filled with the large Magic Jar with Colour Changing LED and 2 Mini Magic Jars with Colour Changing LED. As well as the containers there were lots of sprinkles to fill the jars with including bags of Magic So Glow Powder, bags of glitter, bags of confetti, glitter tubes, 5 collectable figures and sticker sheets.

So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio

Each jar was filled with the right amount of sprinkles and glitter (contained in a silver bag) which made it easy to make up the Light Up Magic Glow Jars. My daughter picked the pink one to make up first. We poured the glitter into the plastic tube and got some water so she could follow the instructions to make up her Magic Glow Jar.

Light Up Magic Glow Jars

The instructions were easy to follow and she had fun mixing the sprinkles into the water, placing it in the So Glow Studio and mixing everything up. There is a special button in the lid of each that when activated turns the jar into a Magic Glow Jar. Each jar comes with a special animal figure to add in too. There is even a sheet of stickers to decorate the outside of each jar.

The So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio is a really fun way to create and customise your own Light Up Magic Glow Jars. I have no idea what was in the magic powder but it certainly was fun to watch the light twinkling in the jar! The So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio costs £19.99 and there are a few different sets in the So Glow DIY range including the Magic Jar Studio, Vanity Case, Mini Kits and individual jars.

Aimed at children aged 6 and over the So Glow DIY range is on trend, affordable, collectable and mess free – making it a sure fire hit with parents. Available from retailers including Argos, Smyths, Claire’s Accessories and Independent Retailers.


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    Joanne Dewberry
    September 16, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    These look really cool, I’m sure my daughter would love making them.
    Perfect stocking fillers.

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    September 17, 2018 at 8:12 am

    What a lovely idea! They look super cute. Perfect stocking fillers for little ones 🙂

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