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Pick Your Own at Copas Farms Iver Heath

Pick Your Own at Copas Farms Iver Heath

It’s been a long time since we went and picked our own fruit and veg. In fact it is over5 years ago when we used to live in North London. Then we ventured north to Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Farm in Enfield. I think we had one child, there may have been two. What I did know was that another visit was well overdue.

Pick Your Own at Copas Farms Iver Heath

Now we live in West London it made sense to find something a little nearer us. So I looked online and found Copas Farms Pick Your Own. They have two sites, one at Iver Heath and the other at Cookham. Iver Heath isn’t too far away so after a trip to Black Park Country Park to burn off some energy we went and found Copas Farms.

Pick Your Own at Copas Farms Iver Heath

At Iver Heath Pick Your Own you enter via the farm shop, pay a small entrance fee of £3 per person (redeemable on purchases), select the size of tub you want to fill and head out to the fields. It’s a simple idea but a great way to pick your own fruit and veg ensuring you get the freshest possible produce.

We had already decided what we wanted to pick and a helpful sign outside told us what was ready for picking. It wasn’t very well signposted but we walked through the different fields until we found the strawberries. The kids got stuck in, looking for the juicy red strawberries and filling our punnet.

Pick Your Own at Copas Farms Iver Heath

There was plenty of fruit. We found that we had to head right into the middle of the row to find the best fruits but there was lots to be found. After we had picked out strawberries we picked raspberries too. Then it was on to the sweetcorn.

picking sweetcorn

The kids loved looking for the sweetcorn and we picked quite a few to take home and cook on the BBQ. We headed back to the farm shop to get our fruit and veg weighed. You could also buy ready picked produce if you didn’t want to venture out into the hot fields. We stayed about an hour but it was so hot. I would definitely recommend going early or later in the day rather than at the hottest part of the day as there is very little shade.

Our fruit and veg cost about the same as it would in our local supermarket. It was a great experience and definitely something that was good for our children to see. I love eating fresh fruit and veggies and there was definitely something special about eating food we had picked ourselves.

Copas Farms Iver Heath can be found at Calves Lane Farm, Billet Lane, Iver, SL0 0LU.

Have you ever picked your own fruit and vegetables straight from the field?

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    August 13, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    This sounds so much fun, really need to do this one day.

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