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Stain removal guide for parents

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With the Bank Holiday and half term looming I expect parents across the country are looking forward to spending some quality time with their children. We have some fun plans for our week together which includes visiting family and friends, a trip to the park and the beach, and hopefully lots of time outside.

Of course time away from school always seems to result in a full washing basket for me to deal with! My children are pretty skilled in destroying their clothes, which is the only downside to a week on holiday. During the school week I’m used to dealing with school uniform, karate clothes and Beavers and Cubs uniforms. You might think that holidays means less clothes but somehow there’s more! My 6 year old can easily go through 4 outfits in a day…

Stain removal guide for parents

Muddy Puddles have produced this fun infographic called the ultimate stain removal guide for parents. It shows you just how to deal with stains caused after exploring the wild, after lunch and after messy play.

Provided by Muddy Puddles

I’m beginning to think this infographic might have been written for us. You all know how much my kids love messy play and we have frequent mishaps with paint, ink, slime and chalk.

My kids are obsessed with making slime but it’s actually pretty hard to clean up. I’ve been encouraging the children to take their slime outdoors as it ends up everywhere. The good news is it does come out of clothes (I speak from experience!). Simply scrape off the slime excess. Soak any stains with white vinegar and rinse in warm water before washing as normal.

Chalk is another of those stubborn stains that my daughter seems to attract. This also comes off clothes with a little effort. Scrape off any dry clay or chalk and shake clothing out. Then soak the stain in dish soap and leave for a few hours. If the stain is stubborn, apply 50% Hydrogen Peroxide with 50% cool water and machine wash.

I know that some clothes can be quite cheap and cheerful but there’s nothing worse than a stubborn stain on clothing. Hopefully you’ll find this stain removal guide for parents useful, especially after half term adventures!


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