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Playing Minecraft offline {Minecraft Figure Collection}

Playing Minecraft offline

My 6 year old has been playing Minecraft for quite a long time now. He is a bit of an expert and his 5 year old sister enjoys playing too, although she’s not allowed in his world unless he’s watching! Last Christmas everything was about Minecraft. He received Minecraft clothing, books and toys which have been played with over and over again.

It seems kind of funny that you can buy Minecraft toys when it’s a computer game but my son already has a collection of Minecraft figures and accessories. A new Minecraft Figure Collection from Character Options has recently been launched and my son was excited to receive the Alex Survival Pack (16471) to review. This set is priced £14.99 and includes the Alex figure with accessories including an Iron Shovel, Stone Axe, Furnace, Torch, Double Chest, and Bed. It’s a great little set and a fun addition to his collection and there is also an Alex with Skeleton Horse Pack (£12.99) and Wild Animal Pack (£19.99).

is Alex Minecraft a girl or boy

You can also collect your favourite Minecraft characters with the slightly smaller super cool 3-inch scale action figures. There are 5 highly detailed and fully articulated figures to collect including: Charged Creeper Pack, Zombie Pigman Pack, Alex with Diamond Armor Pack, Snow Golem Pack and Steve with Minecart Pack. Each character has its own Minecraft accessories. So now you can create, build and customise your own world of Minecraft with these amazing toys!

is Alex Minecraft a girl or boy figure

Minecraft is huge in our house and will be for the forseeable future. My son is allowed about 30 minutes a day to play Minecraft during the week. We are quite strict about this and he only gets the time if he has done his homework and tidied his room. I love the fact he can extend his Minecraft play off-screen with these figures. He loves his Minecraft Lego and Minecraft figures and they are perfect for imaginative play.

Minecraft Figure Collection from Character Options start from £3.99. They are perfect for boys and girls age 5 and over. They are available from Amazon, Smyths and all good toy shops.

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    Amy Hunt
    January 15, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    I adore minecraft, I started quite late back in 2012 but quickly fell in love with it. I’m about 12 castles in and I can’t quit! 🙂

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    January 15, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    One of my closest friends boys is Minecraft crazy so these would be a great gift for him x

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