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10 Ways to Get your Family into the Outdoors!

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It is becoming harder and harder to get your whole family outdoors together, enjoying a picnic, game or just a relaxing walk. There are so many benefits to spending time outside together, so it is important to find ways to do this. Carry on reading to discover 10 top tips for getting outdoors with your family.

  1. Take an Exciting Trip

One of the obvious ways to get the family outdoors is to go for a trip. Why not make it an adventure! Tailor the day to the family so that there is something everyone enjoys. Be sure to go to the countryside or a natural area. Nothing is better than an exciting adventure into a natural environment! A good option would be camping, hiking or even stargazing. The choices are endless.

  1. Exercise Together

Something about exercising as a group makes it way more fun. Not to mention the health benefits from it. Forming a fun, family exercise routine can be motivating and encourage long-term health benefits. It could be as simple as taking a fun outdoor class, riding bicycles or using gym equipment in your garden together.

Trust the outdoors to make you feel active and connected to your family – not to mention a little competitive!

  1. Set Up a Cosy-Safe Space

The family is more likely to go outside if there is somewhere to relax and stay safe. If you have a garden space consider putting up a shade sail or even some hammocks. You could also set up tables and chairs so that you can eat outside too.

If you want to head out somewhere, look for a space that has readymade setups in the outdoors. Take advantage of this space and have fun.

  1. Take the Food Outside

Don’t forget the food! Where there is a family, there will be hunger. Use food to build social bonding with the family. It could be anything from an outdoor picnic, to cooking a barbecue in the garden. You could also encourage everyone to make a dish each to share together.

  1. Build Together

Speaking of setting up, why not get building together!? It could be anything. Perhaps you could build a structure in the outdoors, a snowman if it’s cold, or a retractable canopy if it is warm. If you have kids, they would love this idea! Go big or go back indoors! Make the most of the outdoors and get building!

  1. Play Games in the Outdoors

Seriously, play – especially if you have children, but equally as much if you don’t! Discover some fun and exciting games and do them outside. You could have a water balloon challenge, outdoor board game nights, or even host your own sports day. All this in the comfort of nature. Sounds like a dream! Do this weekly to boost each other’s morale. But if you have little ones and it’s warm be sure, to keep them in the shade.

  1. Take Up a New Family Hobby

Along the same lines, consider taking up a new hobby together. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, but also do something new, consider taking creative family risks. Get the family involved in an outdoor hobby. This could be nature painting, photography or even going bird watching.

  1. Harvest Together

Whether you have your own garden or plan to visit a farm, harvesting can be the perfect activity. The best part about harvesting is that you could do it in any season. From pumpkin patches in the autumn to strawberry picking in the summer. This will get the family observing, engaging, and interacting around the harvests!

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  1. Relax Anywhere Together

You could simply pick a spot for a day and relax with the family together. This could be under an umbrella shade on the beach, or even a time lot space for a sunset view. It sounds simple but causes better family bonding. Relax your way into the outdoors!

  1. Regular Activities Can Come Out Too

You do not have to go all out in the outdoors. Simply doing regular activities outdoors like eating, reading, studying or talking are great ways to get the family doing something differently. Not to mention going into nature more often. You will notice how awake, refreshed, and connected you feel together. This will set a new tone for the kind of activities you do.

Not only will going outdoors make you and your family healthier, but it will also keep the family connected. This will cause a domino effect – one person loving the outdoors leads everyone trying it! Do it – make your family a better one!

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