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Wild flower meadow Ickenham

wild flower field ickenham

I was really keen to re-visit the wild flower meadows we discovered in Ickenham last year. I had a few comments about it on my Instagram and wanted to pop over to see if the same fields had been left as wild flower meadows. We’re lucky to have lots of open green spaces in Hillingdon and we all love to see the wild flower verges which have been sown. This year there were red and pink poppies which are now over, but the verges are still full of colourful wild flowers and cow parsley.

Wild flower meadow Ickenham

Our little pup means we get out for a walk every day and we are spoilt for choice where we live. We’ve enjoyed some gorgeous walks in the evening sunshine through our local fields and our pup is off the lead most of the time. It has taken us a long time to build up his confidence (and ours!) and although there are a few moments when we wonder if he will come back to us – he always does!

bichon frise in the water

Having a bichon frise means he is a small dog but he loves long grass. He has a cute little bunny hop type run and really likes running through the long grasses and wild flowers. He will often lie down in the grass if he’s feeling a little hot after a run!

wild flower meadow

We parked up and walked a little along the Hillingdon Trail, then along a path towards the Yeading Brook which wraps around the edge of RAF Northolt. We were so happy to see that the moon daisy field we visited last year was once again full of wild flowers and moon daisies.

Wild flower meadow Ickenham

Moon daisies are also known as oxeye daisies. They flower from May to September and are really beautiful, with each stem topped by white petals surrounding a yellow disc. The moon daisy is a favourite in our wildflower meadows but can be found just about everywhere.

Wild flower meadow Ickenham

We had such a lovely walk which the whole family enjoyed and the weather was perfect for the time of year.


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    Erica Hughes
    July 12, 2021 at 11:10 am

    What a special place to visit for a walk! I love to see wild flowers – I wish there were more places where you could see them.

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    Rhian Westbury
    July 12, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Such a lovely place for a walk, I don’t actually know if there are any wild flower fields or meadows by me so I need to check that out x

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