Who would be in your (celebrity) ante-natal class?

I haven’t had much time to think about whether we needed to attend ante-natal classes this time round. It’s only 20 months since we attended NCT classes which we didn’t find particularly useful, other than an opportunity to meet people local to us. We didn’t gel with any of the group and haven’t seen any of them for months.

However, let’s forget real life for a moment. There seem to be quite a few pregnant celebs around which got me thinking, who would I like in my (fantasy) ante-natal class?

I would love to have Emma Willis in my class. She is due at the same time as me and I keep bumping into her as she lives near us. She has a real sparkle in her eye and I think she would have a no-nonsense attitude to child birth.

Lily Allen is due this winter but scares me a little with her twitter outbursts. She’d definitely be sitting at the front of the class arguing with everything the instructor said.

There’s also tv presenter Angellica Bell (due December) and singer Michelle Heaton (due January). Both seems quite stylish so would make me feel frumpy in my worn out maternity clothes. Then there’s BeyoncĂ© Knowles due the end of January and Amanda Holden who is due in February. She always seems like she’s up for a laugh. The final name on my wishlist is Kate Middleton, better known as the Duchess of Cambridge. She’s rumoured to be pregnant and I bet will look very glamorous throughout her pregnancy. She’s definitely invited, but I doubt she’d be able to attend!




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    November 25, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    This would be a superb meme – create a badge and turn it into one – would be super.
    Thanks for bringing me up to speed on who is pregnant in the celeb world.

    I hope it is true about Kate.

    Great post, Liska x

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      November 25, 2011 at 10:39 pm

      I thought it would make a good meme too but everyone seems to be popping!

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