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Weekiss Period panties – the perfect period hygiene product for mothers and teenage daughters

Weekiss Period panties

Disclosure – this is a guest post from Weekiss

Menstruation, our monthly visitors, will always find its way once it is that time of the month. It doesn’t usually come alone but visits me with cramps and acne. Almost all menstruators experience one symptom or the other once it is that time of the month. The symptoms range from mood swings and concentration disorders to back, joint, muscle or headaches. Of course, it differs from person to person, and not everyone feels the intensity of the symptoms in the same way, but overall, the experience is not always palatable. However, one can choose comfort and convenience based on the period of hygiene product one uses.

I heard about period panties a couple of years ago and was captured by the fact that they are said to be easy to use, comfortable and reusable. It sounds like a good idea, especially now that sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity. As you would have guessed, I tried some brands, including the vegan cotton period underwear from Weekiss. Here are some things you might want to know about period panties.

What are period panties?

I was surprised when I held period underwear in my hands for the first time because they cannot be distinguished from regular underwear from the outside. Period panties are underpants with an integrated absorbent fabric, practice pad and underpants in one. But unlike pads or panty liners, period panties have nothing inserted but sewn directly in, i.e., integrated. The panties can be washed and can be used again and again.

Weekiss Period panties

Just like regular underwear, period underwear comes in a variety of styles. They come in many different types, from thongs to bikinis. Also, most manufacturers offer different levels of absorbency, from light to heavy, and they are suitable for menstruation, postpartum bleeding, and urinary incontinence.

Another noticeable observation about period underwear is that they tend to be softer and more comfortable against the skin than pads. When you’re menstruating, comfort is all that matters. But how is period underwear being used?

How to use period panties?

To use period pants is pretty simple. You only need to wear it like a regular panty, which will get the job done. Depending on the model, period panties can absorb up to 40ml of blood – this corresponds to the amount of blood that four regular tampons can absorb! The blood is transported within seconds through a first absorbent layer of fabric and then absorbed by a second layer a few millimetres thick. This absorbent layer encloses the blood in an odourless and leak-proof manner and ensures that you feel dry while permeating the air.

Like regular underwear, you should change your period panties at least once or twice a day, depending on how heavy your period is. Period panty gives a dry feeling, but once there is a feeling of wetness, it is time to change it. You can wash period underwear at 30 to 60 degrees in the washing machine and air dry them afterwards. It is better to rinse out the blood under cold water before washing. That’s all the usage of period pants entails, but bleach, fabric softener and tumble drying should be avoided to avoid damaging the material. This simplicity of use makes them a suitable option for teenage girls just starting their menstruation journey.

Menstrual hygiene for Teenagers

The first period is an essential step on the way to adulthood. The first bleeding is associated with many uncertainties and questions. Among other things, the question arises as to which period product is best. While in the past, the only choice was between pads or tampons, we are much further along today. Period panties, in particular, are found to be very comfortable by teenagers, as they hardly differ from regular underwear and therefore require little explanation. This means that there is no endless practice of inserting a tampon correctly, no trying around to see if the menstrual cup is sitting perfectly, and your daughter won’t have to experience the uncomfortable diaper feeling of pads. She only needs to put it on, and that’s all!

Period underwear is a good option that mothers can introduce to daughters to lead them to the world of periods as sustainable, stress-free and comfortable as possible. Period Panty is a solution against unannounced menstrual visits since the cycle is still irregular.

Weekiss Period panties

Peculiar benefits of Weekiss period underwear

Weekiss is a brand that has revolutionised the period underwear market with its wide range of panties that fit every type of period. They have a range of Period panties, from absorbent thongs to high-waisted pairs with many absorbency options. Weekiss period underwear is vegan and is produced using certified organic cotton in compliance with all standards that promote healthy living and sustainability. Period underwear is not only durable but also optimally kind to the skin.

Weekiss period underwear can absorb about as much fluid as five to six tampons, making it the ideal choice to keep you confident even on heavy period days. Click here to see their range of period panties that are super comfortable and leak-proof. Thanks to the unique membrane system, you can feel completely comfortable and safe because the liquid is absorbed quickly and stored leak-proof in the middle layer of the fabric. The breathable material ensures that you won’t sweat excessively, while the leak-proof membrane system ensures that you can always count on staying dry and comfortable. Even though they include four layers and are very absorbent, the inner layers are so thin that they can barely be noticed.

Period is not always comfortable, which is why ladies and women are always on the lookout for period products that offer more comfort. If you are looking for the ideal combination of fashion, high comfort and reliable protection for women and girls, Weekiss period panties are just what you need. And with Weekiss period underwear, you will almost forget that you are menstruating!

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