Top 5 best winter activities for your toddler

Winter is a magical season filled with snowflakes, cosy blankets, and time with loved ones.

While it might be tempting to hibernate indoors during the colder months, there are many activities you and your toddler can enjoy together, no matter the weather.

It’s so important to continue to enhance your child’s learning outside of their education at a nursery like Grandir, which is why engaging in winter activities has many benefits. Not only does it help your child stay mentally and physically active, but it also helps you create lasting memories together.

Here are five of the best winter activities for you and your toddler to enjoy:

1. Embracing the weather
Winter usually means one thing – snow! Whilst it’s not always promised, there’s no better time to take your toddler outside than when snow is falling.

Bundle up your little one in warm layers and venture outside for a day of adventures. Building a snowman, creating snow angels, and even engaging in a friendly snowball fight are some of the best ways to promote physical activity and sensory exploration throughout this season.

2. Scavenger hunt
If there’s no snow – fear not, because there are plenty of other excuses to get out in nature during the winter.

Why not turn a winter walk into an exciting scavenger hunt for your toddler? Create a list of winter- themed items to find, such as pine cones, fallen leaves, or even muddy or snowy animal footprints!

This activity not only encourages your child to explore nature but also enhances observational and cognitive skills. You could even bring a small basket along and let your toddler collect their treasures!

3. Ice skating
There are many pop-up ice rinks around the UK during the winter months, so why not consider introducing your toddler to the joys of ice skating? Many rinks offer small, secure skating areas designed specifically for young children. Holding onto a push toy or gliding along with the help of a supportive adult can make this a delightful experience for your little one. Ice skating can also help  improve balance and coordination – what’s not to love?

4. Arts and crafts
Sometimes going outside doesn’t feel appealing in the winter months, which is why it’s a good idea to have indoor activities planned too! You could bring the outdoor winter wonderland inside with creative arts and crafts.

Set up a crafting station with paper, glue, glitter, and other child-safe materials and help your toddler create snowflakes and snowmen, or even decorate the items they foraged in your scavenger hunt!

This indoor activity not only stimulates your child’s creativity but also provides an opportunity for fine motor skill development. What’s more – you can hang their masterpieces proudly as part of your winter décor!

5. Reading
Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with your toddler and read your favourite books by the fireplace. Choose winter-themed books that capture the magic of the season and make it an interactive experience by asking questions, chatting, or even acting out parts of the story together.

This quiet, intimate activity fosters a love for literature while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere filled with love and attention for your toddler.


Winter offers so many unique opportunities for you and your toddler to bond, explore, and create lasting memories together. Whatever you decide to do, these winter activities are sure to bring joy and laughter to your little one’s heart.

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