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The Necessities You Need To Handle A Newborn

The Necessities You Need To Handle A Newborn

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If you are about to bring a new baby home, you can easily become overwhelmed with what your baby needs to thrive. To make your life a bit easier, we have compiled a list of essentials for newborns.

It will help to be prepared for the newborn a week or so before they arrive, and if you have the baby’s room and your house set up with the necessities, the transition to caring for your newborn will be easier.

The Necessities You Need To Handle A Newborn for the First Few Weeks

1) General items

When shopping for your newborn, try to keep in mind all the activities your baby will do each day. Check these free baby samples today for things you may need.

Storage cabinet or drawers Get one large enough to store toddler clothes later.

Mobile – Get a movable mobile and avoid ones that play music as it will get annoying.

Baby toys

Bouncer chair

Car seat

Rocking chairit will help to rock the baby to sleep.

Paracetamol drops

First-Aid kit Make sure it has no expired medicines.

Thermometer – Try a digital stick or ear thermometer.

Baby carrier

Baby nail scissors

2) Clothing items

Newborn clothes must be cotton-based and comfortable and must consider weather conditions.

Bodysuits These are great for winter and are easy to dress your baby in.


Grow suits Grow suits can be worn day and night and make for easy diaper changes.

Sunhat – Get one with a brim large enough to protect the baby’s head and body from the sun.


Jackets, jumpers, cardigans


3) Baby feeding essentials

For whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed:

Feeding pillow – This will support your baby while feeding and keep you comfortable as well.

Breastfeeding accessories – Nipple cream, breast pads, and cooling and warming gel packs to soothe your breasts.

Burp cloths


Formula – Talk to your doctor about formula feeding options.

Bottle brushes

Bottle warmer

Breast pump

Breast milk bags – these bags won’t take up space in the freezer.

4) Sleeping

Bassinet –  make sure it complies with UK regulations.

Baby monitor

Bassinet mattress – if you are using a second-hand bassinet, invest in a new mattress.

Bedding for a bassinet – like a baby sleeping bag to prevent your baby from rolling over.

Cot – make sure it complies with UK regulations.

Cot mattress – Get a mattress that is thick enough and fits your cot snugly.

Bedding for cot


5) Nappies and potty

Disposable nappies

Cloth nappies – Reusable cotton diapers are eco-friendly and won’t irritate your baby, however, they must be immediately changed when dirtied.

Nappy rash cream

Wet wipes

Changing mat

Separate Diaper Bin

Changing table

6) Bath time

Toiletries – lookout for products specifically aimed at babies without harmful chemicals.

Nappy wipes – Go for alcohol-free wipes to keep your newborn baby clean.

Barrier cream

Cotton wool – is great for bathing and spot-cleaning as it is gentle on the skin.

Cotton buds – These buds are softer than fingers when it comes to cleaning around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Soap/bubble bath

Shampoo – choose a shampoo for babies, and avoid conditioner until your toddler is older.


Bath towel – keep a variety of soft bath towels on hand. You can also use them for washing.

Face cloth

Baby bath – Use a smaller container that can go inside the shower or bath to wash your baby in.

Bath ramp – although not a necessity, it will prevent your baby from slipping under the water and will give you some peace of mind.

Bath seat If your baby is able to sit up, use a bath seat to make bathing easier.

Final Thoughts

Talk to your friends who already have kids for advice, but remember what works for them may not work for you.

The above list of items will have you prepared for the baby’s arrival, however, you may not need all of these, or there are some additional items you may require.

Always make sure you read reviews of products, then you can’t go wrong with baby essentials. Don’t forget to read our post on tips for new mums too!


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