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The Best Islands to Visit in Europe for a Family Trip

The Best Islands to Visit in Europe for a Family Trip

Are you wondering which islands in Europe to visit with the kids? Given the many great destinations to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which places will be fun for your kids to explore and has a culture that is welcoming to families. Some of you might even have little kids, so choosing an island destination that’s great for babies is also important.

The Best Islands to Visit in Europe for a Family Trip

To help you with this, we’ve rounded up a list of the best islands to visit in Europe for a family trip.


Portugal is Europe’s westernmost country boasting storybook landscapes,  easygoing activities ideal for kids of all ages, and gorgeous islands home to pristine beaches. There are more than twenty inhabited islands scattered across Portugal. Each has a distinct culture and unique charm. You’ll find islands ideal for surfing, while others are more famous for the breathtaking landscapes and mouthwatering local cuisines. 

In the Azores region, you’ll find Pico Island, famous for the volcano from where its name was derived. Families who love to hike will find this island a great place to visit. In fact, most people would come here to climb the summit of Pico mountain, which takes about two hours to conquer. But if you want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Portugal, head to Madeira Island. It’s not only famous for its beautiful beaches but also its stunning natural landscapes. The island is also a haven for water activities, such as kayaking and fishing.

Sao Miguel Island is also worth a visit. Part of the Azores Islands, Sao Miguel is famous for its volcanic calderas and abundance of mineral hot springs. If you’re a family of adventure seekers, you should hike through the scenic trails surrounding the Sete Cidades Caldera.


Like the rest of Greece, Crete is a very family-friendly island destination with plenty to offer for all kinds of families. It has a rich culture, stunning beaches, incredible scenery, fascinating historical sites, and there are also many family-friendly villa options in Crete, ideal for adults and kids. And for adventurous families who want to venture a little off the beaten path, Crete has plenty of hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

The Venetian Port in the picturesque town of Chania is an ideal place to visit for families with kids. It has a beautiful lighthouse, cute little boutiques, and cosy cafes. Wander through its narrow streets and take the kids for a fun boat ride aboard a glass-bottomed boat. If your kids love the wildlife, take them to the Amazonas Park, a nature reserve home to several species of endangered birds and animals. Due to Crete’s rugged topography, the island has several caves with historical and cultural significance. Your kids will enjoy exploring fascinating caves like the Melidoni Cave or Sfendoni Cave.

If you want to spend your day chilling out at the beach, visit Chrissi Akti Beach. It’s the most popular of all the beaches in Crete, and for good reasons. The beach has shallow water safe for kids to swim and powdery white sands where your kids can make sandcastles.


Lying between Sicily and the North African Coast, Malta is home to several lovely beaches, including those hidden away off-the-beaten-track. The island offers an ideal setting for a family holiday where kids and adults can share the wonders of discovery and the thrill of action-packed adventures.

For families looking to chill out at the beach, head to Mellieha, Golden Sands, and Paradise Bay. Explore the narrow alleyways of Valletta and discover the fine architecture lining its picturesque streets. Drive around Malta to explore ancient churches and admire their splendid domes. Check out the Rotunda of Mosta’s dome, where a bomb was dropped on it during the war and has never exploded since.

Visit Malta’s silent city of Mdina, boasting spectacular views and a maze of small streets and passageways. Venture into the Blue Grotto on Malta’s southern coast and marvel at the spectacular caverns lit by phosphorescent underwater plants. You can also go on a boat trip around Malta’s coast, have lunch at the nearby islands, and make stops for snorkelling and swimming.


With its family-friendly beaches, fun water parks, and scenic landscapes, there’s no doubt Majorca is one of the best islands to visit for families. The island offers plenty of fun activities to keep active families entertained, from snorkelling to karting, cave exploration, watching pirate shows, and more!

While you will probably want to spend your days lounging at the beach, there are plenty of fun attractions in Majorca to take the kids. For instance, you can bring them to Palma Aquarium, where they’ll see different marine species, from sharks to turtles and manta rays. Next, ride the famous vintage train to Soller from Palma and admire the island’s picturesque landscape from the train window. Don’t forget to bring swimwear since you might be tempted to take a dip at the lovely beach in Soller.

Take the kids on a fun boat trip to see the wild dolphins or whales up close, which is a popular activity during the summer months. Make the experience even more exciting by taking a glass bottom boat and once everyone is worn out from the jam-packed adventures, you will want to head back to relax in one of the several stunning rental properties in Majorca, perfect for the whole family.

The Best Islands to Visit in Europe for a Family Trip


The Greek island of Santorini is a top destination for a honeymoon, given its spectacular sunsets, which you can admire from the top of its craggy cliffs. But just because it’s a popular honeymoon destination doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for a family vacation. In fact, Santorini has plenty of fun activities for the kids.

One of the fun activities to enjoy on the island with your kids is to take the cable car connecting the port to the town of Thira. The views are truly spectacular, something to keep your kids excited. When beach time comes, take your kids to Amoudi Bay, a protected little bay close to the town of Oia. The waters here are calm and shallow, so it’s safe for your kids to swim in.

Of course, catching sunsets is an activity not just for the honeymooners. You can also take your kids to watch beautiful sunsets with you. There are many places to admire Santorini’s famous sunsets, but the best way is from a clifftop restaurant, where you can also indulge in delicious meals.

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