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Flip Ultra HD video review

Today I returned the Flip Ultra we were sent to review and I thought I would take the opportunity to blog what we thought of it. I really enjoyed using the Flip Ultra as it was so easy to use by me, my husband, and extended family. We were surprised by the quality of the videos considering the small size of the Flip Ultra although the quality noticeably degrades when using the digital zoom. The sound quality is good and we loved that the USB was internal. We thought that the plastic screen could be scratched quite easily but it comes with a small bag to prevent this. I liked the fact that the instruction booklet was small (I’m not one for reading instructions!) and it was easy to use with our MacBook Air and iMac.

We put together a small video comparing the quality of the Flip Ultra with our iPhone 4 and Panasonic GF1 which we regularly use. I think it shows that the Panasonic is the overall best quality (not surprising given the price) but the Flip Ultra compared really well to the iPhone and was slightly better quality.


Some essential Flip Ultra facts

  • FlipShare software enables you to edit and save the films to your computer, share your films on Facebook,Ttwitter or YouTube and create snapshots from your videos
  • Connect your Flip Ultra to view on HD television
  • The 8GB has image stabilisation, digital zoom, FlipPort and can shoot 2 hours of video

I loved carrying around the Flip Ultra. I felt super stylish whipping it out to film Edward although I did get some funny stares in Tesco’s! It’s perfect for mum’s like me to record special or funny moments and I’m glad we have some lovely videos of Edward to keep. I would recommend it as the quality and simplicity of use makes it perfect for the cost. Now I just have to persuade my husband to buy me one for Christmas …

baby bathing daddy FlipUltra

Bath time

Edward still *just* fits in his baby bath but I don’t think we’ll be using it for much longer. I couldn’t resist this little video that daddy took of Edward enjoying himself this evening.

We will be returning the Flip Ultra tomorrow. We’ve had a lot of fun using it and got some great videos to keep. We’ll be posting our thoughts on it tomorrow.


Easily distracted

I love this little video I took of Edward today. We had lunch at Giraffe and always try to feed Edward before our meals arrive. Edward is at the age where he’s distracted very easily so eating out is a bit of a struggle – it’s fun though ๐Ÿ™‚