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Smooshy Mushy toys from Bandai {Series 3 Creamery}

Smooshy Mushy toys from Bandai

If your children love the latest crazy of squishies then you’ve probably heard of Smooshy Mushy. Girls simply can’t get enough of Bandai’s Smooshy Mushy collection and this month sees Series 3 take the Smooshies and their Bestie friends to the Creamery, where all new characters with their ice-cream cone packaging are ready to be discovered.

Smooshy Mushy toys from Bandai

During the day, the town of Smooshyville is a lot like other towns, there are people, cars — everything you’d expect in a town like yours. When the town goes to sleep, however, the Pets from the local animal shelter sneak out with mischief on their minds. Their favourite hangout is a food factory called Smooshy Mushy Industries. It’s here that some squishy treats fill their tummies, while others have filled their hearts! That’s right — certain special food items have become Besties with the Smooshys.

Smooshy Mushy toys from Bandai

We’ve seen the Smooshy Mushy toys in our local toy shop before. We love how cute and colourful they are so were excited to see what was inside Series 3. The Series 3 collection comes in the form of a sweet ice cream cone, this matches the theme of the Creamery. Remove the top to see what’s inside!

Smooshy Mushy toys from Bandai

We received two to review. Each contained a squishy animal, sticker, smaller ice cream cone with small squishy. These are really good squishies! They are so lovely to squish in your hand and smell good too. There are lots of new characters to collect with some rare ones too.

Smooshy Mushy squishies series 3

My 6 year old loves her squishies and enjoyed seeing what was inside her Series 3 Smooshy Mushy. These are great for girls to collect. They include a collector’s guide and she loved ticking off the squishies she had.

These are super sweet collectible squishies priced £9.99.


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    August 1, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Ohh ym son keeps asking for a squishy as I haven’t got him one yet and these ones look super fun! Love the little heart ice-cream

    Laura x

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    August 1, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    The squishies craze is baffling to me as an adult, but man, my 6 year old daughter LOVES them. I’ll have to show her these ones!

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