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Reflecting on my last pregnancy (my daughter is nearly 1!)

I’m feeling sad today as we’ve been having a clear out ahead of putting our house on the market. Yes, I’ve banged on before about moving but we’re finally doing it. A couple of weeks ago we were called in to the toddlers’ school as he was ready to move up a stage. For complicated reasons he can’t continue there so we’re moving. Hopefully we will be able to find a bigger house with better schools in a nicer part of London.

Anyway, the last two weeks we’ve had the builders in. Remember we had a plan for sub-dividing our front bedroom? Well we did it, and it looks great. Now my husband has an office and Little Sis has her own room (she’s just not in it yet).

Part of moving has to be de-cluttering and it’s taking a lot of effort. We’ve kept everything from my two pregnancies and beyond which means we’ve accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’. Some items have gone to charity shops, some to expectant friends, and I *might* have squirreled away some very special baby clothes.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that being pregnant is behind me. It doesn’t look like we’ll ever have the three children I always thought we’d have. I’m quite glad to be over the pregnancy thing and very glad to have my body back to myself! I’ve been re-reading some of my posts about pregnancy and Little Sis being born as she’ll be 1 next week. Some of my favourites are preparing for our second baby, what to take to hospital, how to prepare your child for a new arrival and comparing my c-sections! Isn’t blogging great? I don’t think I would have remembered half of this stuff if I hadn’t written it down!

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    November 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    That’s a wonderful thing about blogs – they have taken over the diaries part, right? With one (huge) difference – diaries would be kept in our drawers, blogs are for everyone willing to read 🙂
    I’ve moved around 15 times in my life (including moving to a different countries) and though I didnt have my little ones back then it was difficult as it was…I can’t imagine moving somewhere with kids and care about all the stuff I have collected over the years! Well done 🙂

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