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Reclaim your bag!

Sometimes I really dislike the term mummy. Not when my son is endlessly shouting it at me but when it’s applied to me generically by the nurse, health visitor, midwife, GP, librarian or impersonal PRs!

In a bid to claw some of myself back from being just a mummy I’ve started to invest some time in me for a change. I’m spending more time on my hobbies which keep getting forgotten, drawing up a list of baking projects from some new cook books I’ve received, I have a new hair cut, I’ve cleared out the ‘mummy uniform’ clothes and the next step is to get rid of the ultimate ball and chain- the changing bag.

I’m not quite sure why I felt I had to have a changing bag as really it’s just a bag. It may have been an Orla changing bag but to be honest I never really liked it. So, it’s gone to the shelf of handbags and been replaced with the one I told you about – the Orla of orange goodness. Obviously I couldn’t do away with the contents as those nappies are needed ALL THE TIME! Two children in nappies is no joke and I always carry a couple with me as well as the ubiquitous baby wipes.

nappy purse

You too can now reclaim your bag with this lovely named nappy purse from Ruby and Ginger. They kindly offered me one to try out after I had a moan on twitter about my old changing bag and I absolutely love it! It’s made a big difference to how I feel too as I can now reach into a lovely grown up handbag and pull out the wipes and nappies I need. There are three fabrics to choose from but I have the berries fabric which is so unobtrusive that even my husband is happy to take it on the rare occasions he does a nappy change.

The nappy purse can hold three nappies, a refillable wipes case and has a little pocket for nappy bags, loose change or keys. They are handprinted and handmade and the ultimate fashionable and stylish mother, Danii Minogue, has one and I bet she is a lady with a great handbag collection. They are priced at a very reasonable £13.00.

Ruby and Ginger make lovely products using grown up prints so you don’t have to lose your fashion style just because you’ve become a parent. Products include a cosy car seat cover, nappy purse, changing mat, toy tie, tabards and backpacks.

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    the mummy adventure
    May 4, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Ohh, this looks fab!

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