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Potty training for beginners

The toddler is almost two and a half and shows no interest in potty training at all. We have a potty, he’s seen it and might have sat on it once but soon filled it with toys and I put it away again.

We’ve bought pull-up pants but he really didn’t like them so they’re sitting under the stairs, waiting until he’s ready.

His nursery have said they will start sticking him on the toilet after every nappy change from September so I am keen to introduce him to the concept so he’s not taken by surprise.

We were out at the London Transport Museum on Monday and they have a fantastic family bathroom. I asked the toddler if he wanted to sit on the toilet next to me and he did! I think this must have been a novelty more than anything, but it’s a start.

potty time

To boost my efforts we have a copy of Boys’ Potty Time which Dorling Kindersley kindly sent us. We got off to a good start when he sat down and looked through it and I think it will be a great help in our potty training mission.

potty training manual

Although I’m not looking forward to potty training, I am looking forward to him being out of nappies. Two children in nappies is expensive and I seem to spend a lot of time changing nappies!

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    August 17, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    We had that book too, my boys always loved it. Not sure it directly helped but it led to some positive potty linked conversations. Bribery put and simple worked for us. A Thomas engine the first time ever, another for the first dry day, then reward charts to earn more.
    Good luck!

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