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Potty parenting?

I was really shocked to hear on the news today that a significant number of children are starting primary school who haven’t been potty trained. I’ve read lots of blogs which have shown me how hard potty training can be but it’s definitely on my to do list this year. Big Brother will be 2 next month and is showing some signs of being aware when he needs a clean nappy. Although I won’t be rushing him into it I definitely aim to have him potty trained by the time he starts school as I know it’s my responsibility, not the schools.

Being potty trained isn’t explicitly mentioned as a requirement for many children starting school but it seems strange that parents wouldn’t want to get their children out of nappies. It’s one job I really dislike, especially with two children in nappies. It’s also expensive and disposable nappies are bad for the environment. I can understand that modern nappies do such a good job that a child would find it difficult to feel discomfort from a full nappy but surely it’s our job to teach our children about going to the toilet and generally doing things for themselves?

pottyBecoThings are a fun product design company making fun eco-friendly baby products which are all made from plant fibres, rice husks and bamboo. They recently sent us a potty to help with our potty training when the time is right.  It’s currently in the lounge and sometimes Big Brother will sit on it (although he also uses it as toy storage!). Over the coming months I will be looking out for the signs that he is ready to start and I’m hoping I will be able to potty train him in a week as one of my friends managed with her son.

BecoThings products include pottys, bowls, steps, trays and scoops and are 100 percent biodegradable and last for years. But once you pop them into the garden they will start to decompose. Great for helping kids to learn about the environment and where things come from too.


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    February 9, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    I know it’s hard work to potty train a child, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to send them to school in nappies. My best friend is a reception teacher at a school in Fulham and there are loads of rules and regs about what she can and can’t do with kids – she’s not allowed to help them on the toilet without another adult there with her, so I can’t imagine she’d be allowed to deal with nappies regardless.

    Good luck! It’s a mucky job but once they have the hang of it, the sense of achievement is overwhelming! 🙂

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