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Paper rainbow craft for kids to make

Paper rainbow craft for kids to make from the gingerbread house blog

I don’t know about you but we’ve fully embraced the rainbow trend here at the gingerbread house. We have rainbows all over the house including a felt rainbow needle case, a pom pom rainbow for kids, Cricut-made rainbow wall art, rainbows painted on rocks and made out of hama beads. They never fail to cheer us up! Today we wanted to share a fun paper rainbow craft for kids to make.

Rainbow craft supplies:
Craft paper
Paper glue
Colourful pens
Paper rainbow template


rainbow craft supplies

Simple paper rainbow craft for kids

Use a protractor to cut out a half circle shape from a thick white paper or a cardstock paper. If you don’t have a protractor then you can use my free paper rainbow template above.

protractor and piece of paper

Then cut out the purple shape using the biggest half circle shape from the template.

purple semicircle of paper
Glue the purple piece on the previous white piece.

purple semicircle of paper
Cut out shapes from blue, green, yellow, orange and red card too. Keep gluing on the piece from the template, bigger to smaller.

blue and purple semi circle of paper
You will end up with a gorgeous paper rainbow.

paper rainbow
Once you’ve glued all the pieces cut out a small half circular portion from the bottom middle of the rainbow.

paper rainbow craft

Cut out the cloud shapes using the template above.

paper rainbow with two white clouds
Then glue both cloud shapes onto the bottom corners of the paper rainbow.

cute rainbow and cloud craft
Now use markers and colourful pens to draw a smiley face on the rainbow.

cute rainbow craft for kids
There you go! Your colourful smiley rainbow is ready! Make one or make a load and string them together to make rainbow bunting.


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    Stevie - A Cornish Mum
    July 3, 2019 at 9:39 am

    These are so cute! I love rainbows too. 🙂

    Stevie x

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    Ophelia Chan
    July 4, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Love this! it’s so cute and my 3 year old would love making this! I’m not a creative person so thanks for sharing x

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    Ami Elizabeth
    July 6, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Such a cute little craft and perfect for Pride weekend! Thank you x

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