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Out with the old

2011 has had its ups and downs like any other year but we’re ending it on a high – with an unexpected couple of days with family on the Isle of Wight.

I won’t be making any New Year resolutions that I won’t be able to keep. Instead I have my Day Zero list which I’m really enjoying working my way through and will continue doing. There’s a couple of things I am looking forward to in 2012. Here’s hoping:

Big Brother has a full set of teeth by the end of the year – I can’t take any more teething! I’m also looking forward to him expanding his vocabulary as the frustration on both sides isn’t good for anyone!

Little Sis continues to grow and isn’t damaged by the constant prodding and pokes from Big Brother. I can’t wait for her to grow out of the reflux, even though this means she will be growing up and we’ll start weaning.

My husband enjoys his new job and that we cope with him being away from home more often.

I lose some baby weight as two pregnancies in 2 years have left me feeling like I could lose weight and get fit. I’m very happy to be feeling like my old self and back in my non-maternity clothes but I want to feel attractive and wear lovely clothes again.

We finally decide where we would like to live and find a lovely house that suits all our needs.

I find some time to do something for myself. I would love to bake better, sew clothes for the children and find something that uses my brain for a couple of hours a week.

We decide if we can expand our family or if we’ll be a family of four forever.  Being a parent is amazing and there’s room for at least one more in our car…

Happy New Year!


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    olivia kirby
    December 31, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    hope 2012 is everything you hope for.
    we have 2 close together, Melody 27 months and Flynn 12 months. Then we have a will- be -10- in- 3 weeks year old, Conor. There is no more room in our car! or house for that matter! (it is up for sale as we are busting out the seams!). Love and Luck to you all x

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    The Mad House
    December 31, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Have a wonderful joyfull 2012. Parenting is fab and I wish we could have had more. 15 months between my two!

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