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New Series 3 SuperZings out now!

New Series 3 SuperZings out now!

My son loves his SuperZings collection. He’s always been a huge Lego fan but for the first time even, this weekend he left his Lego at home and took his SuperZing collection when we went away for the weekend. This is huge!

Series 3 SuperZings

SuperZings are everyday objects transformed into Superheroes and Supervillains. They are a great pocket money toy and easy to collect and swap with friends. Series 3 carries on the Rivals of Kaboom theme but with lots of new characters to collect. They are great for imaginative kids who love to make up stories with their toys. We were #gifted a bundle of the new Series 3 SuperZings.

Series 3 SuperZings Superbot

Series 3 SuperZings Superbot

The Superbots come in a cardboard box. There are 8 Superbots to collect including IronPunch, TwisterCrack, RollingHammer and SpiderCannon. They are cool mechs which hold a SuperZing at the top.

Kaboom Blasters

Kaboom Blasters

My son had already bought a few Kaboom Blasters. These are the SuperZings secret base and include villain sound! Simple press down the top. Each ocmes with an exclusive SuperZing: Supervillain Beatbox or Superhero DJ Scratch.

Mission 2: Total Demolition (Blister Mission pack)

Mission 2: Total Demolition

Are you ready to play the Total Demolition Mission? This blister pack includes 2 SuperZings: the Superhero Constructik and the Supervillain Hammer Jack, who will fight to defend or overthrow Kaboom City. It includes a Constructik tower and demolition machine which shoots blasters. You can attach SuperZings to the Thunder Ball and smash down the tower. We thought this was a really fun way to play

Series 3: Rivals of Kaboom Mega Pack

Series 3: Rivals of Kaboom Mega Pack

In previous series the Mega Pack has made a great starter pack. Exclusive to the Co-Op and priced £5 it contained 5 SuperZings, 1 SuperSlider and 1 poster. The poster is of great quality and shows the new characters to collect (of which there are over 90). There were 5 blind bags which was a great way to start off any collection.

SuperSlider character

My son also loved the SuperSlider which you can pull back and let slide across any smooth surface. The blind bags contain a Collector’s Guide so it’s easy to find out which character you have. Sadly we didn’t find any rare characters but they are priced so children can collect them with their pocket money, I’m sure it won’t be long before we find a rare.

Series 3 SuperZings are priced from 80p for a blind bag to £15 for the Mission 2 pack. They are available from supermarkets and all good toy shops.

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    michelle twin mum
    May 29, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Great these little toys can capture their imagaination and invite hours of play. Mich x

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    Mellissa Williams
    May 30, 2019 at 6:57 am

    Love how colourful these toys are, I can see how they appeal to kids. The superbots are cool

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