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Necklaces for mums and mums-to-be

harmony ball pregnancy necklace from le petit bola

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One of my friends at work complimented me on the fact I’m always wearing a different necklace every time she sees me. It’s true that I do have a lot of necklaces, almost one for every occasion. My obsession started when I went on maternity leave and grew from there.

Necklaces for mums and mums-to-be

One of the first necklaces I bought when I was pregnant was a gorgeous pregnancy necklace known as a Harmony Ball, like this one from le petit bola. I think I must have seen it in one of the pregnancy magazines I was devouring throughout my pregnancy.

Have you heard of Harmony Balls before? The idea of them comes all the way from Indonesia where expectant mums would wear them to ward off evil spirits from their baby. Today these popular necklaces are worn by mums to be, each contains a small chime designed to soothe the baby. I loved wearing mine and wore it throughout both pregnancies. I like to believe it soothed my restless babies and happily still wear it now.

As much as I liked wearing my special pregnancy necklace my jewellery requirements changed when I had a newborn. I still remember those tiny hands trying to grasp everything in sight. Soon I invested in a chunky teething necklace for my babies to chew on. There are some lovely designs and I picked a few to co-ordinate with my different outfits. Both my children also had teething toys which were great for them to chew on. I made sure to add them to their Memory Boxes when they didn’t need them anymore.

This wasn’t the last of the necklaces I wore when my children were little. As my little babies grew their first teeth I bought amber teething necklaces. Do you remember how popular they were? Apparently they are a natural analgesiac and can help with teething pains so they were worth a try. My son looked so cute with his necklace that I bought myself a matching one!

My husband bought me a gorgeous necklace for my first Mother’s Day. The silver pendant was stamped with my son’s name, a few years later he added my daughter’s name on a second pendant.

One of my favourite things is to look through my jewellery box and pick out a necklace to wear each day. Each one means something special to me and they always make me happy. Do you have a favourite necklace you like to wear?

Disclosure – post in collaboration with le petit bola

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