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My last pregnancy?

I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t like being pregnant. Although it’s completely natural it makes me feel out of balance, I dislike my body shape and spend 9 months on edge – either counting the kicks or wishing the baby would stop turning cartwheels. Being pregnant makes me feel horribly human and responsible and I find it strange knowing I have no control over it.

Looking back, I ignored a few of the early pregnancy symptons. I found it easy to get pregnant but it took me a couple of weeks to mentally come to terms with it. It seems such a long time since my first trimester, difficult to believe it will all be over in a few days. My hospital bag is packed, tomorrow we’re building the moses basket and putting the double pram together.

As much as I have always wanted three children this pregnancy has been hard and I’m not sure we’ll try for a third. I don’t think we can afford it and I’m not sure my husband would let me due to my pregnancy mood swings! I don’t enjoy other people’s interest in it or the feeling that I should be constantly jumping for joy. I also never expected it would be so difficult to look after a toddler whilst being pregnant. I’ve felt quite tired and fed up with little time to be reading up on actually being pregnant. It’s amazing what you can forget about being pregnant, but due to sites such as I feel prepared!

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