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Mumsnet and me

Over the weekend I attended the inaugural Mumsnet conference.  I applied to join the Mumsnet bloggers group when it launched but I never heard back, so you might wonder why I would pay money to spend a day with them.

Blogfest programme

conference essentials: programme, iPad mini and Orla Kiely

I saw it as a day off from my children and yes, I’d happily pay for that pleasure. When I saw my old blogging friend Liska she told me I looked radiant. Yes, I told her. I have a child-free day. I had make up on. My clothes were clean and I’d even brushed my hair.

There are some brilliant posts out there, check out the Big BlogFest Bloghop to see what you missed. Here are my highlights from Mumsnet Blogfest:

Seeing/hearing Caitlin Moran talk. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to read a column written by her but I knew she’d be funny, rude and inspirational. She didn’t disappoint and was well worth the price of the ticket alone.

I drank three hot cups of tea, three. From a cup and saucer.

Cupcakes from the Beverly Hills Bakery.Beverley Hills Cupcake

A stress free tube ride, negotiating escalators, and ticket barriers without a toddler and baby in a buggy.

A copy of The Times as I walked in. I sneaked out during lunch to read it, it’s been years since I read anything other than the back of a box of cereals.

Inspiration and tips from the photographers at Digital Bungalow

A goody bag which contained something for every member of my family. Lush goodies for the toddlers bath, a copy of Let’s Pretend it Never Happened by The Bloggess for me, and a new Boden umbrella, and Green and Black chocs for the husband.

The chance to see what all the fuss was about with the legendary Liz Jones. Quite frankly I still don’t see what all the fuss is about. She’s a bitter old troll who gets paid to write controversial pieces. She should also sue her plastic surgeon.

The Google+ hangout with The Bloggess who should have been allowed to talk a lot more. She was hilarious (even though it was 4am her time) and I can’t wait to read her book.

The content really was superb and focused on the importance of blogging for women who traditionally have no voice, and how important great content is. Friendly people, great food, brilliant location. Easily my favourite blogging conference of 2012.

London panorama

the view from Skyloft


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