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Mission:Explore Food

Mission-Explore FoodDid you know that this week is Children’s Book Week? We never need a reason to read books but it’s a great week to share with you a lovely new book we were sent to review – Mission:Explore Food, the latest in the series of Mission:Explore books.

This book is unlike any other book we’ve read before. Unlike most cookbooks for kids (that only cover cooking and eating food), Mission:Explore Food includes chapters on growing, harvesting, waste and soil. Each chapter is full with quirky, creative and critical challenges that help children to learn and think differently about their relationships with food. The book includes 159 illustrated activities all about food.

We love this book. You can read through it from cover to cover or just pick a page at random. You never know what you may find but we were intrigued by Grow a Kobe-style carrot – go on Google! – and Where has your bum been? I just know we’re going to have fun with this book for years. As well as the challenges the book includes a handy section at the end where you can tick off the challenges you have completed as well as basic training, a glossary of terms and places to find further information.


Written by a team of geography teachers, explorers and artists, funded by over 170 supporters and distributed independently with an RRP of £20, Mission:Explore Food is available in hardback or as an eBook.

Mission-Explore Food

 to find out more take a look at the Mission Explore website

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