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A quick way to label clothes with Attach A Tag

A quick way to label clothes with Attach A Tag

I told you the other day how I was feeling pretty organised when it comes to Back to School. Thanks to M&S my daughter is all kitted out for Year 2, and she’s looking forward to seeing all her friends in a few weeks too. The only thing I needed to do was label everything. Thankfully that took minutes using the Attach A Tag system.

Attach A Tag Starter Kit

The Attach A Tag Starter Kit contains everything you need to label your clothing. Each kit contains the name etched on 30 or 50 tags (depending on how many you order), retainers, instructions and the dolphin applicator for you to apply your tags.

Attach A Tag

The starter kit is suitable for family and individual use. It’s really simple to use, just place a tag and retainer in the dolphin shaped tool, close the mouth and twist the small handle to place the tag around the label or wherever you want the tag. It’s ergonomically shaped and fitted perfectly into my hand, although you need a little strength to hold the tool tightly whilst you twist the handle.

Attach A Tag

With Attach A Tag you can place a tag discreetly on a seam or clothes label. They are small plastic oval tags with the name of your choice etched clearly in black or white. They look a little like a tag you might expect to see on clothing and are quite discreet at just 9 x 13mm. They come in strips so you just need to break one off when you need them.

Attach A Tag

It makes it quick and easy to label clothing and I’ve labelled the kids clothes for the Sports Camp they are attending this week as well as school uniform. You can label school shirts, ties, trousers and jumpers, even shoes and lunch boxes!

Attach a tag on clothing label

I’ve tried a variety of name labels and name stamps so I’m looking forward to seeing how these survive the school year. So far they’ve survived the washing machine!

In case you want to remove a label the removal tool is cleverly integrated into the base of the dolphin applicator. You can re-use the name tag but you’ll need to use a new retainer as these are damaged once removed.

The Starter Kit with 30 personalised labels costs £23.75. You can find out more on their website. Thank you to Attach A Tag for sending us the Starter Kit to try out at home.

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