Christmas Crafts for kids gingerbread

Fingerprint gingerbread family

Fingerprint gingerbread family

We may have overdosed on gingerbread biscuits recently so we thought it was time we shared one of our crafts instead. We craft a lot during the winter months and our fingerprint gingerbread family is sure to delight! It’s a lovely craft for kids and makes a great keepsake to enjoy each year.

You will need:

Brown paint

A4 white card

Colouring pens/glitter pens/pompoms or buttons to decorate

How to make a fingerprint gingerbread family

Younger children may need an apron to protect their clothes, and you might want to cover the table in some newspaper too. Set out your card and pour some paint into a smaller pot. Then dip a finger into the paint and make sure you have just the right amount – too much paint will leave a splodge and too little won’t cover your finger.

Finger print gingerbread family

Carefully place your painted finger on to the card, once for the head and another for the body.

Finger print gingerbread family

We experimented with gingerbread people, gingerbread dogs and even fingerprint gingerbread houses!

Finger print gingerbread family

Of course adding the paint is only half of the activity!

Finger print gingerbread family

We left our pages of gingerbread people to dry before we decorated our gingerbread people. We used permanent pens but glitter pens would also look good. We added little tiny legs and arms, as well as eyes and a mouth to bring them to life.

easy fingerprint gingerbread family

My 10 year old added chunky legs to his gingerbread people. He’s been learning Spanish so attempted to name them in Spanish!

easy fingerprint gingerbread family for kids to make

Our gingerbread people include a gingerbread dog and gingerbread house and we love them! You could make your own fingerprint gingerbread people wrapping paper, make a fingerprint gingerbread card or even gift tags. We also got each member of our family to add their own fingerprint to a piece of card to create our very own gingerbread family portrait. Add small pom poms or buttons to decorate as you wish!

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Fingerprint gingerbread family



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    Kim Carberry
    December 2, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    Aww! How cute are these! What a fun activity. x

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