Father's Day

Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign

Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign

You all know we craft a lot, but that’s multiplied since lockdown began here in the UK. I’m so thankful my children love to create and we spend most afternoons sitting around our dining room table crafting together. I’ve lost count of the number of little books my children have made for the different art classes they like to teach me. It’s fun and keeps them busy, and one day I hope they will remember this time as quality family time above all else. Over the last few weeks we’ve made a start on our Father’s Day crafting and I wanted to share the Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign we made for my husband’s shed.

My husband loves his shed. He loves to make things, mainly his model planes and cars although he’s always happy to help me when I bring another pallet home to upcycle into something else. We wanted to make him a sign to hang in his shed and used some of his everyday DIY items to help.

Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign supplies:

Wooden blank
Wooden Dad sign
Nuts and bolts

Fathers Day craft supplies

How to make a Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign

This is a really fun sign to decorate Dad’s shed. I used a wooden blank from Hobbycraft (called a wooden pallet fence on their website), a pre-cut wooden Dad sign, and a selection of nuts and bolts.

I painted both the small wooden pallet and the wooden Dad sign, in a gorgeous olive green and white paint respectively. I gave them two coats of paint and left them to dry.

I wanted to glue the wooden Dad sign centrally on the wooden pallet, then surround it with the nuts and bolts. I used Evo-Stik wood adhesive for everything, first glueing the sign on, then adding the nuts and bolts.

Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign

This was something the children were able to help with too. They loved looking through Dad’s tools, choosing which washers to use and putting the nuts and bolts together.

Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign

Although the glue was white, it dried clear so if any little hands were a bit enthusiastic about the glue, it really didn’t matter.



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    June 15, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    This is such a cute sign! Would be perfect for my dad to hang in his shed!

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    June 15, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    This is so cute and nothing quite beats a homemade gift at times, this looks like a lot of effort went into it x

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