An edible decoration – a gingerbread box

Waitrose Gingerbread Box Kit

A few weeks ago I published my Gingerbread Gift Guide which was so much fun to put together. It gave me the chance to pick up lots of different gingerbread kits which I’m really enjoying trying out and sharing with you. After the success of my gingerbread mug hangers I decided to try the Gingerbread Box Kit from Waitrose.

Gingerbread Box Kit

With the Gingerbread Box Kit  you can make and bake your own gingerbread gift boxes to make giving even sweeter. All I needed to provide was unsalted butter, water and golden syrup.

The packet included a Gingerbread mix sachet, White royal icing sachet, boiled sweets and ribbon to make the gingerbread boxes. There was also a plastic piping bag. I couldn’t wait to get started!

I made my gingerbread dough and whilst it was cooling down I cut out the templates. Unfortunately the templates were printed on the opposite side of the front of the box which proved a little difficult when I came to put the box together!

When the dough was cool I rolled it out, using the stencils to cut two small pieces and 10 large. There was enough to make two gingerbread boxes. I found the instructions slightly confusing at this point, and without the image to guide me, didn’t cut everything properly. I cut out some circles and placed crushed sweets in them.

I froze my dough for 5 minutes before baking it. It turned a gorgeous colour when baked and smelled amazing.

gingerbread box kit

I left the gingerbread pieces to cool slightly and gently trimmed the sides. Then it was time to put the two boxes together. I mixed the icing and built up the boxes, adding icing to hide any gaps. It was at this stage I realised I hadn’t cut any hearts to decorate the boxes. I also had to look up the packaging as the picture had been destroyed to cut the templates! I added the ribbon under the lid and they were finished.

I’m not sure I would be happy giving a gingerbread box as a gift but it was fun to make and delicious to eat.

You can pick this kit up from Waitrose. It cost me £3.70 but this was an introductory price, it is now priced £4.95.


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    Mellissa Williams
    November 19, 2020 at 10:58 am

    That’s a novel idea. I think a gingerbread house is nicer though and then you will have more fun decorating it all prettily. Not a bad price though

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    Micaela @ Stylish London Living
    November 19, 2020 at 11:43 am

    I really want to make something out of gingerbread this year, but it’s a bit tricky because I am vegan – I will need to look out a vegan-friendly recipe. The sugar-window looks so great!

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