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Easy Christmas tree stick craft for kids

Easy Christmas tree stick craft for kids from the gingerbread house blog

We are really enjoying our Christmas crafting. We have been gathering around the table after school and making so many fun things. Today we wanted to share our easy Christmas tree stick craft for kids. We love making Christmas trees decorations and got out the vintage wooden ruler tree we made a few years ago. This year we are adding this fun little Christmas tree stick craft for kids to our tutorials. They are fun to make and you can make a whole forest of them – once you start you won’t want to stop!

Christmas tree stick craft supplies:
Dry twigs
Golden acrylic paint
Paint brush
Glitter paper
Craft glue

Christmas twig tree craft supplies

How to make a Christmas tree stick – easy craft for kids:

Collect some dry twigs and clean them by brushing off any dirt. Apply a couple of coats of golden acrylic paint on the dry sticks. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Christmas twig tree craft

Cut out a star shape from the glitter paper or any other kind of paper. Decide the size for the stick Christmas tree and cut the sticks accordingly. Use 2 sticks to make the trunk of the tree. Cut the rest of the sticks to form a triangle pattern. Each stick should be one cm shorter than the previous one. Arrange the longer sticks on the bottom side.

Christmas twig tree craft

Attach the 2 sticks prepared for the trunk, side by side. Leave at least 3 cm from either side of the trunk sticks and then start attaching the other sticks on them. Start by attaching the longest stick and then moving towards the top by attaching the next shorter ones.

Christmas twig tree craft

Keep 1 cm or so intact on the top side of the trunk sticks.

Christmas twig tree craft

Attach the star cut out on the top part of the trunk sticks. Select some colourful sequins to decorate the twig tree decor.

Christmas twig tree craft

Apply glue drops on the sequins (or along the sticks) where you’d like to add them.

easy Christmas twig tree craft

Place the sequins on the glue drops, this makes it easier to attach the sequins and allow the glue to dry entirely. Choose one colour or mix it up!

Christmas twig tree craft

You can also use other decor items such as crystal beads or glitter foam shape cutouts to decorate the tree, just raid your craft stash.

Christmas twig tree craft

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