DIY cleaning solutions for personalised calendars

In the age of digital convenience, the charm of a printed calendar remains unmatched, especially when it’s a personalised one that reflects your unique style and preferences. Creating a calendar can be a rewarding and creative endeavour, allowing you to craft a schedule that suits your life. However, as time passes and pages flip, these beloved calendars may accumulate dust, dirt, or accidental spills. That’s where the art of DIY cleaning solutions steps in, ensuring your personalised calendar retains its pristine charm throughout the year.

When you print your own calendar, you invest time and effort in curating a unique piece of functional art. As you flip through its pages, jotting down important dates and reminiscing over special moments, it becomes more than just a calendar; it’s a cherished keepsake. To ensure it remains in pristine condition, it’s essential to have a few DIY cleaning solutions up your sleeve. These simple yet effective methods will help you tackle dust, stains, or smudges that might mar the beauty of your personalised calendar. In this guide, we’ll explore various cleaning techniques to keep your creation looking as vibrant and personalised as the day you printed it.

1. Mild Soap and Water Solution

One of the highly effective ways to clean your calendar is by using a mild soap and water solution. Mix a drop of liquid soap with warm water in a bowl or bucket to create this solution. Gently dip a cloth or sponge into the soapy water and carefully wipe the surface of the calendar to remove any dirt or stains.

Make sure not to use materials like scrub brushes or harsh chemicals, as they can potentially damage the surface of your calendar. Additionally, avoid soaking the calendar in water or submerging it completely, as it may cause ink smudging or bleeding.

2. Vinegar Solution

Another successful DIY cleaning solution for calendars involves using vinegar. Vinegar is well known for its natural cleaning abilities. It can effectively eliminate dirt, stains and unpleasant smells. To create a vinegar solution, combine equal vinegar and water parts in a spray bottle.

Before using the vinegar solution, it’s advisable to test it on an area of the calendar to ensure it won’t cause any damage or discolouration. Once you have confirmed its safety, lightly spray the solution onto a cloth. Gently wipe the surface of the calendar. Afterwards, make sure to remove any moisture with a cloth.

3. Alcohol-Based Solution

Another option for ink stains or marks on your calendar is an alcohol-based solution. To create this solution, mix parts of rubbing alcohol and water either in a spray bottle or bowl.

Like the vinegar solution, test the alcohol-based mixture on an unnoticeable part of the calendar. If no damage occurs, apply the solution lightly onto a cloth. Gently scrub the stained area. It is important not to scrub as this could remove or smudge the ink. Wipe down the calendar with a dry cloth once all stains are eliminated.

4. Tip for Removing Stains from a Dry Erase Calendar

If you have a calendar with a dry-erase surface, there’s a trick you can use to get rid of stubborn stains. If a regular dry-erase marker doesn’t work, try going over the stain with a dry-erase marker. Let the fresh ink sit on the stain for a few minutes, then wipe it using a dry cloth or eraser. This technique effectively lifts the stain and restores the cleanliness of your calendar’s surface.

Remember to consult the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer for your calendar before attempting any cleaning methods. Different materials may require techniques or solutions, so following their guidelines is important.

Aside from cleaning, taking care of and maintaining your personalised calendar will help prolong its lifespan. Avoid exposing it to sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause fading or damage to the ink. Keep the calendar away from objects or surfaces that could scratch or puncture it.


You can ensure it stays fresh and vibrant throughout the year by cleaning and properly caring for your personalised calendar. These do-it-yourself cleaning solutions offer a cost-effective way to maintain cleanliness without compromising quality.

Before applying any cleaning solution to the surface of your calendar, it is important to remember to test it on an inconspicuous area first.

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