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Cutting Costs While Travelling as a Big Family

Travelling can be a fulfilling experience for everyone, especially when you have your family and loved ones with you. Seeing the world with your family can also be a valuable educational experience to help expand your children’s worldview. In a previous post, we highlighted some of the best destinations to visit with your children, from the biodiversity of South Africa to the natural landscapes and waterfalls of Iceland. At the same time, we also emphasised the importance of planning to ensure a smooth sailing family holiday.

Cutting Costs While Travelling as a Big Family

While the added family bonding time can be great, group travel can be costly. Travelling with your little ones can also rack up additional expenses like entertainment, toys, and snacks for on-the-go. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t make beautiful travel memories with your kids and family. In this post, we’ll share some tips to cut costs when travelling as a big family:

Strategise your flight bookings

As mentioned above, planning can help you save on airfares. When you book your flights too late or at the last minute, you also risk certain inconveniences like getting separate seats on the plane or even flight cancellations. Fortunately, many travel websites and platforms today can help you find cheap flights by recommending the best days of the week or months to book your plane, regardless of destination. The best travel platforms will also have specialised low-fare finders so you can find the cheapest flights available.

Aside from planning, travel companies also recommend booking outside peak periods. These peak seasons mean heavier tourist traffic, so flight prices are understandably higher. Instead of planning your beach getaway in the peak summer months of June or July, for example, you may want to consider going earlier or later in May or September. Accommodations will also be more affordable during the off-season.

Try slow travel

Another way to dampen your family travel expenses is to try slow travel. A relatively recent travel trend, slow travel is the result of travellers increasingly looking for new ways to travel to their destinations while minimising their carbon footprint. Slow travellers prefer more immersive experiences than traditional tourist activities to promote sustainable transportation while supporting local businesses and communities. Avoiding tourist hotspots can also help save additional expenses as there won’t be commercial middlemen involved.

Slow travelling is also a great chance to educate your children and family on the importance of mindful and sustainable practices, even in travel. This doesn’t just end with your preferred means of transportation but includes making sustainable accommodation choices to support local communities and access more enriching travel experiences for everyone.

Check out package holidays

Finally, another way to cut travel costs is by looking out for package holidays. Many travel enthusiasts swear by package holidays as they reduce the need for additional worrying and ensure you get everything you pay for. Today, all-inclusive holidays cover your flights, airport transfers, hotel, food, drinks, snacks, and activities. Some package bookings can also provide additional travel upgrades your family can enjoy, from kid-friendly activities and entertainment to access to spa treatments or upgraded facilities.

If you find family travel planning especially stressful, package holidays can be your saving grace as they help figure out entire itineraries that can also be tailored to your needs and preferences. For busy parents who may not have the time to plan out every aspect of their travel, package holidays can help save much-needed time and resources. All-inclusive holidays can also offer the opportunity to meet other families as part of organised activities. This is an excellent chance for your children to socialise and for you to meet like-minded parents.

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    April 15, 2024 at 8:09 am

    I love the idea of slow travel, definitely something I want to explore this year.

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