Isle of Wight

Crockers Farm milk vending machine

Crockers Farm milk vending machine

The weather has changed so much in the last few weeks that’s it’s hard to believe we were camping a few weeks ago. I wanted to share a few of our Isle of Wight adventures because it is such a great place for family holidays. I grew up there so I may be a teensy bit biased, but I love going back with my own children. A few years ago we discovered the Crockers Farm milk vending machine which I wanted to tell you about today.

Crockers Farm milk vending machine

I love a good vending machine. On our recent trip through France and Belgium to the Netherlands we found vending machines everywhere, and they were so much more interesting than those found here in the UK! Seriously, they sold all sorts of food and drinks (and cheese!). We hand an egg vending machine near to where we live which is really fun to use. On our trips to the Isle of Wight we always visit Crockers Farm milk vending machine.

Crockers Farm milk vending machine

If you enjoy the unusual and quirky then you need to visit Crockers Farm milk vending machine which can be found on the main road from Newport to Cowes. There is a small car park next to the vending machine building and a sign tells you if there are any specials on offer. Inside the vending machine building you will find a vending machine selling glass bottles as well as a few other products. On our first visit we bought a couple a glass bottles with lids, now we make sure to pack them when we visit!

You can use the milk bottles in the milk vending machine which always sells milk as well as a few flavoured milks. We’ve tried chocolate, salted caramel and strawberry – chocolate was definitely our favourite!

Crockers Farm milk vending machine

The vending machine was easy to use and even the kids could use it! You can buy a glass bottle or bring your own, choose your milk and fill your bottle. If you forget to bring your bottle lid (which we did!) you can even buy more from the vending machine.

the vending machine building

It’s a little bit of a quirky thing to do with the kids which we love! The milk tasted delicious and was the perfect thing when we stayed in an Airbnb and when we went camping recently.

You can find the Crockers Farm milk vending machine at Crockers Farm, Cowes Rd, Newport PO30 5TP

Free small car park

Dogs not allowed


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    September 28, 2022 at 11:48 am

    I now want to play with a vending machine for milk, it is definitely quirky but what fun!

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    September 28, 2022 at 11:49 am

    This sounds great, and I love your photographs! Would be interested to know how the price compares with supermarket milk (though personally I’d be happy to pay a modest premium to support a local business).

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