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Clarks Seasonal Showcase

Last week we were invited to take a look at the new Clarks Autumn/Winter 2011 collection in a beautiful period house in central London. Edward has recently started walking and I’m interested to see what shoes are available. We’d never been to an event like this before but we’re huge Clarks fans. I’ve always worn Clarks as they are so well made and good value for money and I hope Edward will enjoy wearing Clarks too.

Clarks have been creating shoes for the last 18o years and the latest collection uses their Somerset heritage as a picturesque backdrop to the campaign. The new childrens’ range includes girls shoes, boys shoes, sports shoes and girls dance pumps.

We learned lots of interesting facts about how Clarks make shoes. All Clarks shoes are expertly created then fitted to nurture children’s feet as they grow.  The bone structure of a child’s foot changes dramatically over the first few years and it is not until the age of three that the foot will have 26 bones.

We were able to see all the new collections, which ranged from retro desert boots to the glamorous women’s collection. The town house setting was an inspiring backdrop to view the collections and fitted in well with the heritage vibe.


We had a great time and I have my eye on a very special pair of boots for Edward this Autumn!

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