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Choosing the right Babymoon for you

Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

I’m so pleased that we have a new Royal baby to coo over. Whilst I think the name is a little ordinary I’m sure the new Royal baby will be anything but with parents such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As a mum myself I can’t help but love seeing pictures of a new baby and it always takes me back to when my own two were born.

Children grow so quickly! It’s obvious and a cliche but so true. Not that being pregnant went any less slowly. I was so happy when my pregnancies were over. I found being pregnant a bit of a minefield and was always really confused as to what I could and couldn’t do. All the information/baby magazines/baby books/people I would consult would share conflicting advice so I never really knew if I was doing the right thing!

The minefield of pregancy

Even now a couple of examples stick out really clearly. One day I was out for Christmas drinks with my old work mates. I had bought myself a lovely sparky maternity outfit so I could feel my best. I ordered some food and a Ginger Beer to go with it. My boss took great delight in telling me that my drink had alcohol in it and I shouldn’t be drinking it! I was nearly in tears at the thought I had harmed my baby. Thankfully the amount of alcohol was minute and there was no harm done.

I also remember going out and ordering a jacket potato with prawns only to worry that the prawns had been frozen and this was a terrible risk in my pregnant state! Yes, I’m not afraid to say that I was a worrier when I was pregnant. I was unsure if it was safe to travel abroad and what I could eat or drink. I ended up keeping a list of foods I could and couldn’t eat just in case we went out for a meal!

Loveholidays Babymoon Finder

Thankfully, 10 years on and help is at hand with the minefield of pregnancy. We enjoyed a little babymoon before the birth of our first child. We visited a lovely hotel in North Norfolk which was really peaceful and relaxing. Did you know that there has been a 52% increase in online searches over the last 3 years for babymoon?

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

The lovely people at loveholidays have created a handy online tool to help parents-to-be choose a destination for a pre-baby holiday based around their due date, how long they want to fly and what type of holiday they are looking for.  This unique Loveholidays Babymoon Finder tool helps guide customers to a range of holiday options that are suitable. You can type in your due date, how long you are willing to fly for, and the kind of holiday you enjoy (choosing from beach holiday/couples holiday/family holiday/luxury holiday/spa & massage). It will then suggest some locations, which you can explore at your leisure.

Harry and Megan may have visited the slightly more glamorous location of Morocco for their babymoon but I was perfectly happy with a cosy fire to keep me warm in Norfolk! Did you have a Babymoon? Let me know if you’re planning one!

Disclosure – post in collaboration with loveholidays

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