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Cardboard tube sea anemones

Cardboard tube sea anemones

During half term we went rock pooling at the beach. This is something I did as a child and something my children now enjoy. It is so easy as you don’t really need anything, just a rocky beach with the tide out!

When we were in Devon we visited a lovely beach where we watched the Torbay Airshow. Whilst my husband was watching the planes the children and I explored the beach. It was a pebbly beach, perfect to discover lots of little sea creatures hiding in the shallow pools of water. Although we weren’t brave enough to pick up any sea creatures they inspired our latest craft – cardboard tube sea anemones.

DIY cardboard tube sea anemones

To make our cardboard tube sea anemones we used 3 cardboard tubes, red paint, scissors and a black pen.

DIY cardboard tube sea anenomes

I cut each tube into two and my 6 year old painted each one with the red paint, inside and out.

DIY cardboard tube sea anenomes

We left them to dry, which didn’t take very long in this mini-heatwave we’re experiencing.

DIY cardboard tube sea anenomes

She cut into the top of each tube to create the little tentacles. Then we added faces to each one with the black pen. These were inspired by emoji’s which my daughter just loves.

crafting sea anemones

I think they are so cute. You can imagine their little tentacles waving around in the water!

Cardboard tube sea anemones


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    michelle twin mum
    June 29, 2018 at 11:59 pm

    Your 6 year old looks really absorbed creating the sea anemones, we found a couple of real ones in a rock pool the other day which my girls were thrilled with. Mich x

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    June 30, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    These are so cute, what a cool craft for summer and to inspire and interest in the seaside with kids. Love this
    Laura x

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