Bugaboo Bee or Bugaboo Cameleon?

As you know we were lucky enough to be lent a Bugaboo Bee to help us during our Summer Bucket List. Our summer isn’t over yet as the toddler doesn’t start nursery until the 26th so we’re still busy going out and about.

Bugaboo Bee


Little Sis sleeping

I absolutely adore the Bugaboo Bee, as I knew I would. Most of my NCT group had one, but we were sensible and bought a second hand Bugaboo Cameleon, which I adored at the time. Anyway, I thought it might be useful to compare the Bugaboo Bee and Bugaboo Cameleon.

The Bugaboo Cameleon comes with a carrycot and seat and can also be used with many carseats which means it is suitable from birth. You can choose the wheel set-up which means you can adjust it to your terrain. I never really needed this on the streets of London but it was useful on the rare occasions we went to the beach or for a walk in the muddy countryside. I used it a lot on public transport and never had a problem with getting on buses or the tube. It also folded really well and fitted comfortably in our car boot.

When my son was about 1 we bought a Maclaren which a lot of our friends were doing, but we continued to use both prams until we ordered  a Phil & Ted’s when Little Sis came along.

The Bugaboo Bee has some of the same features (compatible with many car seats, adjustable handlebar, multiple seat positions, easy to use brake, simple fold mechanism and suitable from birth) but is smaller and lighter. Many of my friends used their Bees until they no longer needed a pushchair, although particularly long children look a little strange when sitting squashed up against the hood!

Both have great storage potential but for me the Bugaboo Cameleon wins. They are both brilliant, and I love the fact they are easy to customise and you can buy accessories for them, but the Cameleon is a lot sturdier and hard wearing. I have messy children and I just found the Cameleon was easier to keep clean and really suited our lifestyle. I can imagine if you don’t have a lot of space then the Bee would be perfect, but if you have room then buy the Cameleon!

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