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Another trip to the graffiti tunnel at Leake Street

Another trip to the graffiti tunnel at Leake Street

A few weeks ago we found ourselves in London for the first time in ages. I miss London so much but I haven’t felt like getting on the tube with other people. However I’ve really missed everything about London so we took the chance off a day with no plans and headed into London.

Our first stop was The Globe on the Southbank for a special storytelling session of Twelfth Night. I’ve wanted to take the children to The Globe for ages and the special session for children seemed perfect. Shakespeare’s plays aren’t totally accessible for children but the storytelling session was perfectly pitched for my 9 and 11 year old.

Another trip to the graffiti tunnel at Leake Street

After the theatre we decided to pop along to the Leake Street tunnel to see what it looked like. It’s the only place in London where graffiti is tolerated (regardless of the fact that it is against the law). It was 2 years since our last visit so we were expecting it to look completely different. The kids were 2 years old but still happy to stop and look at all the different sections.

Leake Street Tunnel is a 300m tunnel beneath Waterloo Station. We approached from the Thames, walking down Chicheley Street and crossing over York Road. You’ll find Leake Street between a parade of shops and an office block. It doesn’t look very exciting but as soon as you get closed you will see locals and tourists stopping to look!

Leake Street tunnel

Everything is painted from the walls to the ceiling, bollards, drain pipes and steps. If it can be painted, it has been!

trip to the graffiti tunnel at Leake Street

We all had our favourite street art. We took lots of photos but nothing stays the same for long. On our visit we were lucky enough to watch two people spray painting new pieces of art, we even saw someone filming a music video.

Another trip to the graffiti tunnel at Leake Street

Leake Street Tunnel is free, open 24 hours a day and well worth a visit if you love street art. Just don’t expect to see the same piece of work on your next visit!

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