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An Advent tradition – Elfie’s Christmas Letters

An Advent tradition - Elfie’s Christmas Letters

This house believes. Christmas is a magical time and this Christmas I will be pulling out all the stops to make sure my children have a magical Christmas. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to see family and friends, but we can still believe in the magic of this time of year.

Christmas starts for us on the 1st December. We’re not allowed to even mention the word Christmas before the end of November due to my daughter’s birthday. However that doesn’t mean that I’m not busy planning behind the scenes during October and November!

Christmas magic with Elfie’s Christmas Letters

Advent is a lovely way for the whole family to enjoy the countdown to Christmas. The children love a chocolate advent calendar and we also have a cheeky house elf who comes to visit every day. This year we will be adding to our magical Christmas memories with an eco-friendly personalised bundle of Elfie’s Christmas Advent Calendar Letters, sent all the way from the North Pole via the International Elf Service.

Elfie’s Christmas Letters works like an Advent Calendar with daily letters counting down to Christmas and I know my children are going to be overjoyed to read them each day.

Christmas magic with Elfie’s Christmas Letters

Our bundle of personalised Elfie’s Christmas Letters from the International Elf Service came in a beautiful card box tied with twine. I’m thinking this may well be the last year my son believes in Father Christmas as he’s going to Secondary School next year. I will be able to store all the letters in this gorgeous box and store them as a keepsake of this special Christmas.

The personalised Christmas Elf letters are fun for children to find mysteriously around their home throughout December. Here is what was included in our box:

personalised Christmas letters

A magical tale unfolds each day, bringing tales of adventure, mysteries and pranks from the North Pole, as the Elves get ready for The Big Delivery on Christmas Eve!

Hear all about a disastrous porridge and recycling mix-up, a series of exploding underpants and shrinking pyjamas, and how all the Elves are finding peas in their Extra-Cosy Slippers. Explore the amazing Secret Library deep down in the Cinnamon Mine! Learn all about its Extra-Ordinary books, from the ones that sing to the others that makes rude noises and smells!

Before December 1st

Deliver the Certificate and the Map of the village in the North Pole somewhere around your home for the children to discover … this lets the children know they’ve been selected to receive these magical letters.

You can roll them together into a scroll and tie the Candy Cane cord, keep them flat, or put them into one of your personalised envelopes which is included!

personalised letters from the North Pole

From December 1st

Deliver a new Advent letter each day, up to and including Christmas Eve (dated as they need to be read in order to make sense of the story).

personalised letters from the North Pole

If your children write to the Elves hoping for a specific reply to their questions, you can deliver the Emergency letter from Mother Christmas with the next magical delivery.

personalised letters from the North Pole

On Christmas Eve

After the children have gone to bed and Christmas Stockings have been hung … the next two letters are your Personalised Letter from Father Christmas and a Feedback Form from Father Christmas from the Sleigh’s ‘In-Flight Notebook’, for you to complete, for your children to discover on Christmas morning! What did Father Christmas think about the drink and snack you all left out for him? Burpingly delicious? Snoozy making? What fun!

On Christmas Day

Deliver your last letter, which tells you all about what happened in the North Pole on Christmas Day, and ties in a few loose ends from this year’s story!

I can’t wait to see the look on my children’s faces when they receive these letters. They love the fact we have an Elf but you can use these letters with or without an elf. In fact the letters don’t include any pictures of Elfie so your children can let their imagination run riot!

Other things I love include the beautiful artwork and paint splodges for that all important authentic look and that they will keep my children reading throughout December! The letters are an Official International Elf Service product (they make other gorgeous products too) and are printed on 100% Recycled Paper.

You can find out more about the International Elf Service and their lovely Christmas products on their website. If you fancy trying it for your self then you can get 20% off your order with the code GINGERBREAD2020 which is valid until 20th November. There FREE standard P&P too!

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An Advent tradition - Elfie’s Christmas Letters

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